Get Casely

Do you use a phone case on your smart phone? I do. I usually resort to the Otter box brand because I know it is good and will protect my phone the best during a drop. But sadly, there are not a lot of options for colors and designs. While I am normally pretty plain Jane when it comes to accessories, I like to mix it up sometimes and add some color in my life.

The style of your phone, color and case have become a fashion trend with all the “mirror selfies” you see on social media. I rarely take a mirror selfie but I do enjoy dressing my phone up to accessorize my outfit, pocket book or even my mood. 

Unfortunately phone cases can get expensive and I have always been afraid to use other brands that seem cheap to me. Fortunately, the newer phones are a little tougher within themselves and really do not need a case for protection. However, I still like to have one to keep it clean and scratch free. 

Then I found “GetCasely” and they sent me a case of my choice. They have so many trendy phone cases at reasonable prices with several styles and patterns to choose from. It took me forever to decide on a design. Each case comes in “Classic or Bold”. The bold has more protection and durability.

I finally settled on the patchwork design in the classic.

I like the fun boho look and it pairs perfect with my Favorite RiceLove bag. I do not think I could have found a case anywhere else that matched so perfect.

This case is slim and thin and fits perfect in my smaller purse or pocket. It’s comfortable to hold and has been a great conversation starter. 

When your ready for another phone case, try GetCasley. You can choose from the classic collection, the bold collection or the power/charger collection. 
They also have other accessories such as wallet cases, phone rings and screen protectors. 

Shop GetCasley.
Get 30% off with my code: Lisa30

Backpack bag can be found at

Friday Bowl- Sun Shine

This morning I started my day off with a little extra protein. The yellows in this bowl bloom out like warm sun shine. The center is an egg microwaved in a mug and placed on a bed of spinach to keep it warm while surrounded with cottage cheese and fruit. This is my least favorite bowl so far as I'm not a fan of cottage cheese. But I tried.

I love making eggs in a mug. Just coat the inside of a mug with butter and whip in an egg. You can add other items if you like. Microwave for 1 min and 30 seconds and you have a perfect little egg.

Cottage Cheese Bowl

1 Cup- Good Culture Simply Cottage Cheese 
1/2 Cup -Frozen Peaches
1 Medium -Strawberry
 1 Cup- Fresh baby Spinach (wilted)
1 Egg

211 Calories- 26 g Protein


I have decided to reserve each Friday to share some of my creative food bowls. I have been eating these at least 3 times a week and I feel great. They are easy, healthy and fun. This is part of my new "Clean Eating" Plan. Wish me Luck.

Quick Sand

I remember a time when quick sand was my biggest fear. Ok, maybe I watched too much Gilligans Island. But the concern was there. The older folks would tell me that I had nothing to worry about because we do not have that in our part of the world. The fear was gone.

Of all the times I have played and walked miles on the beach, I have never worried about sinking sand.

this past weekend at the beach! Yes! I almost got swallowed up by quick sand! Ok, Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but boy, don't you tell me there is no such thing around here. I'm a survivor!
(Nick is still laughing).

We went out for our daily walk on the beach. I was walking a normal pace and scavenging out some shells and sea life. The tide going out left a tide pool that was about two feet deep. I crossed through the tide pool to get between it and the surf. As I was walking along, my feet would occasionally sink to my ankles in the soft wet sand.

Then it happened.
I took a step and all of a sudden I was almost up to my knees in sand. Nick was laughing at me from the other side of the tide pool as I struggled to walk. I took another step and suddenly sunk knee deep. I laughed at first, but then fear set in and I panicked. I yelled for Nick to help me but he thought I was kidding. I was struggling to get my feet out of the sand but every time I moved I could feel myself sinking further down. It was no longer funny and I was in tears. I thought my life was going to end with me getting sucked up by the beach.

I finally shifted my weight to the side and manged to get my legs out just as Nick was making his way across the pool of water to help. He then led me to more solid sand and we continued our walk.
It was so scary.

Image result for Quicksand meme

Our trip was almost perfect. The weather was nice and warm and in the 80's. It was not windy but had a perfect breeze.We had dinner with Nicks brother one evening as we watched the boats coast down the inlet. One morning I seen a friend of mine from home and we walked a couple miles along the highway. Me and Nick also had a nice little date night. We traveled up to Little River to eat at a fish camp on the waterway. It was a pleasant evening. We had a wonderful time.
and I lived to tell about it.

*Studies have found it is impossible to be completely submerged in quicksand because humans are less dense than quicksand and a person would only sink to their chest before they begin to float. But what can make quicksand deadly is its ability to trap and hold unsuspecting victims. (source)

Birthday Girl

Today my Daughter turned 28 years old. Oh my! Just how did this happen? Feels like just yesterday when I was carrying home a 7 lbs bundle of joy dressed in blue lace and ribbons.

We are very proud of how she has matured into a beautiful and smart lady.
She has always been a good child. We have had our yelling spats and made each other cry but all and all she was an easy one to raise. I always wanted a little boy but I'm glad God chose me to have a little girl instead. She is a lot like me and we are best friends. She has never been that teenager that didn't want to be around her mom and dad. At times she would rather sit around the table with us for dinner or go shopping rather than go out with her friends. She went on every vacation with us until just a couple years ago. But she still somehow shows up and that's ok.

© Lifeawayfromtheofficechair2019. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

She always made good grades, went to church and finished college. Shes a country girl living on her own in the city as a successful business woman. She still drives the little car her dad got for her and made her pay it off. She is proud of that and so are we. She seems to be conservative like us. She doesn't spend her money on expensive things but she does spend a lot on her hair and shoes. But hey, that's just a girl thing. 

© Lifeawayfromtheofficechair2019. All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

So later today, we will be meeting up with friends and family for dinner. She picked a place in Belmont called Nellie's. The Jonas Brothers started this place with the inspiration of their grandmother. I heard they have some good Southern Cooking. We have never been there but I'm sure we will all enjoy it especially if there is cake.

Friday Bowl- Cantaloupe Crunch

Wow, can you believe it's September already? Where has summer gone? Today's bowl has the colors of  Autumn and blue skies. Notice the blue tinted yogurt? It was created with a natural food coloring from Butterfly Pea Flowers. I'm loving this stuff.

Cantaloupe as become my favorite add in to my yogurt bowls. It blends well with the tangy tingle of the yogurt. I added seeds, granola, and puffed quinoa for a sweet and nutty surprise with every bite.

Cantaloupe Crunch Yogurt Bowl.

1/2 Cup Fage 2% Plan Greek Yogurt
1 Cup Cantaloupe
1 teaspoon Blue Butterfly Pea Flower powder
 2 Tablespoon- Natural Almond Granola
1 Tablespoon- Raw Pumpkin Seeds
1/8 cup- Quinoa Pop

147 Calories- 16 g Protein


I have decided to reserve each Friday to share some of my creative food bowls. I have been eating these at least 4 times a week and I feel great. They are easy, healthy and fun. This is part of my new "Clean Eating" Plan. Wish me Luck.

Another Book

I read another book. Yes that’s a big deal to me because I rarely ever read books. I have read a couple Karen Kingsbury books and a couple Nicholas Sparks books, but reading just isn’t my thing. I can’t keep up with what I read if its long. I get lost. I can’t comprehend what I read. I do wish I liked to read. I can see how a book and a quiet corner would be relaxing. I don’t even like long blog post unless it can hold my interest more than a minute. Again, I really wish I was more of a reader.

One of my favorite blog buddies is also an author. He has written several books. His name is Jack and you can find him over at “The ShipsLog”. 
He is not my only blogger pal that has written books. I will list a few others at the bottom of my post. But I just want to give a shout out to Jacks latest book release. “Ace n Me”. You can find it on Amazon and also for Kindle. 

This was my kind of book. It was a short and easy read. It only took me about 2 hours total to read it all. Yes I’m a slow reader. I’m getting better though. 
Ace n Me was interesting right from the beginning. It was about a preachers boy and his dog. As I read this book, It reminded me of the old Andy Griffith shows. That's all I’m gonna say with out giving it away. Just go read it for yourself. It would even be a good story to read to your kids.  

Jack did a good job on this book as well as all the others. My favorite one is still “The Appalachian Trail”. 
I just don’t understand how he does it. He is always on the road, busy fixing things, helping others and being kissy kissy with his sweet wife. He also blogs daily and his blog is also a fun read. One day I will meet this Jack fella. I mean, we only live 15 minutes away from each other, I’m bound to run into him any day now. 

If I ever get caught up in life and chores, I want to take at least an hour a day and read a book. 

Below are a few of my other Blog friends who are also book authors. 
Stop in and pay them a visit. They all have a link to their books on their side bar.  

Jack at “ShipsLog
Rick at “Life101
Diana at “Nana Diana Takes a Break
R. Mac Wheeler at “R. Mac Wheeler
Elizabeth at “ESeckman” and “The Really Real Housewives

Friday Bowl- Kiwi Pear

Kiwi Pear is the taste of this Fridays Bowl. I am not a fan of pears as I think they have a soapy taste. But I gave it a try and totally enjoyed the fresh taste the combination with the yogurt. I’m starting to think everything taste good in yogurt.

Yogurt has always been a food I've ignored because I always thought it was bitter and tangy, but adding fruits and other flavors has made me learn to like it more every day. 

Kiwi Pear Yogurt Bowl

1/2 Cup -Fage 2% Plain Greek Yogurt 
1/2 Kiwi
1/4 Fresh Pear
 Tablespoon- Oat & Honey Granola
Tablespoon- Raw Pumpkin Seeds

180 Calories-  16 g Protein


I have decided to reserve each Friday to share some of my creative food bowls. I have been eating these at least 4 times a week and I feel great. They are easy, healthy and fun. This is part of my new "Clean Eating" Plan. Wish me Luck.

Pepino Melon

I have been trying new foods lately. I am not afraid to try anything that’s edible. There are not many foods I do not like. There are several I do not like enough to eat all the time but still do not find them terrible.

Here is a cute little fruit I found called a Pepino Melon. 

Despite the name, a Pepino Melon is not really a melon at all. It is a fruit from a South America evergreen. It is actually related to a tomato or eggplant. 

They start out green and turn yellow once ripe. The skin is soft and rubbery and easy to cut and peel. I did not see any seeds or core in the center. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and added it to my yogurt bowl. It had a unique taste somewhere between a pear and a honeydew.
Will I buy this again? I’m not sure. It was a little expensive for its size. 

What is a food you have recently tried for the first time? 

Crochet Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are from the Native American culture made from a woven net or web on a handmade hollow hoop. Often they will include sacred items such as feathers or beads. Traditionally they were hung over cribs or cradles for protection. The webbing is suppose to replicate a spider web.

Today I want to show you this cute little dream catcher I made by crocheting a lacy web around a tiny plastic hoop. The plastic hoop is actually the rim cut off of a plastic cup. I started crocheting in the center and worked my way out, then attached it to the hoop. I have the link to the pattern at the end of my post. 

Did you know I have never owned a dream catcher? I never cared to own one.

Being from a Christian home, we always associated dream catchers with witchcraft or paganism because people use dream catchers as a spiritual tool. It was believed to bring good dreams to those that sleep under them. Dreams from the spirits would pass through. Only the good dreams can pass through and the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and fade away by the morning. 

Now that I am older, I see these cute little things as no more than a native craft item. I let prayers to God handle my bad dreams. 
This dream catcher was fun and easy to make. I like some boho styles and this is a little charmer. 

Now about that boogie man under my bed. 

Want to make your own dream catcher? 
I used this pattern found HERE 

Fridays Bowl- Super Blast

While I love to eat yogurt bowls for breakfast, I sometimes make a nutritious smoothie bowl for Sunday dinner. I know, I know, It’s a far cry from grandma's fried chicken and gravy but those kind of meals are so good make me sink into the recliner for a fat nap. With this smoothie, I feel satisfied and loaded with energy. It even has a serving of veggies thrown right in. 

Super Blast Fruit Smoothie

1/2 Packet- Great Value Super Blast Acai Berry Blend ( Mango, Dragon Fruit, Acai and Passion fruit).
1 Cup- Frozen Riced Cauliflower
1 Cup- Unsweetened Soy Milk 
1 Tablespoon Chopped Walnuts
1 Tablespoon- Big Boss Honey Almond Cranberry Granola
1 Tablespoon- Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
1 Tablespoon- Kapok Quinoa Pop.

350 Calories- 14 g Protein


I have decided to reserve each Friday to share some of my creative food bowls. I have been eating these at least 3 times a week and I feel great. They are easy, healthy and fun. This is part of my new "Clean Eating" Plan. Wish me Luck.

Sweet and Sour Tofu

This past weekend I had a little extra time in the Kitchen to cook up something instead of our normal quick meals that we come up with each night. The fridge and pantry were low on foods because we have been trying to just go to the grocery store once a week instead of 4 times a week. We are always going back to get stuff we want instead of making do with the things we already have.

I decided to make sweet and sour tofu. We didn't have any chicken!
I had a pineapple on the table that was looking pretty, but seriously needed to be used. I have never cut a pineapple before so this was all new to me.

I got creative and decided to make pineapple bowls. I cut the pineapple in half after trimming the crown. Then cut the pineapple into chunks. "Isn't there suppose to be a core in the center?" I didn't see it, so I kept cutting. Later I realized some of the chunks were hard. "Ah, that must have been the core". Oh well.

Cutting the pineapple was the hardest part, but even that was easy.
It turned out pretty, dontcha think? In just 30 minutes and 4 easy steps, dinner was served...Fancy.

Sweet and Sour Tofu.

1 block- Firm Tofu drained very good and cut into chunks
Put in Air Fryer at 400 for 12 minutes. (toss around half way).

Make sauce
1/8 Cup of ketchup (don't worry it wont taste like ketchup).
1 Tsp- Soy Sauce.
1/4 Cup Corn Starch.
1/4 Cup Sugar.
1/2 Cup Water
1 Tbsp.- Rice Vinegar (or apple cider vinegar).

Fry to a medium crisp.
1-  Chopped Green Pepper
1- Chopped Onion

Add sauce, cooked tofu, pineapple chunks and toss till covered and sauce thickens.
(this happens almost instantly due to the cornstarch).

That's it.

Enjoy with a side of rice or noodles.

You can also add cherries for more sweetness and color.

Happy Labor Day

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day. I hope those who labor are getting some rest.

Some have the day off. Though my boss told me I could have the day off, I still had to come in for a little while to get some reports ran before tomorrow since it is the first buisness day of the month. He should have known that.

Thanks to all who have worked hard and sacrificed your time to make this country grow and prosper. To the ones that can not find a job, I pray you will find one soon. For those that are disabled or can not work, I hope you have the strength to helping others through words and wisdom.
I have a sour place in my heart for those who "can" work, but refuse to work, only to live off handouts and free money from the Government. I want even get started on that.

We live in a country where everyone has the freedom to work and take time off to rest. Some countries do not have this luxury. It should never be taken for granted.

"Work is not a punishment, it's a reward". 

Now for you reading pleasure, here are some fun work facts about me:
  • My first job was in a fish camp cleaning tables.
  • I quit my first job to chase a boyfriend around on prom night. Since I had to work, he took someone else and boy was I jealous. 
  • When I was little, I wanted to be a trashman when I grew up.
  • What I always wanted to be is a nurse. 
  • The closest job I got to nursing was working for a foot doctor. Lasted 3 weeks. 
  • I have only been fired from a job once and that was due to lack of experience.
  • The job I hated the worst was selling waffle cones at Carrowinds.
  • The most unusal job I ever had was a painter for new construction homes.
  • The hardest job I ever had was mill work.
  • I’ve made a living with the job I currently have. I am greatful but tired.
  • I have been at my current job for almost 26 years now.
  • I have never called into work sick.
  • I’m late most days but no one notices.
  • I haven’t found my dream job yet.