Crochet Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are from the Native American culture made from a woven net or web on a handmade hollow hoop. Often they will include sacred items such as feathers or beads. Traditionally they were hung over cribs or cradles for protection. The webbing is suppose to replicate a spider web.

Today I want to show you this cute little dream catcher I made by crocheting a lacy web around a tiny plastic hoop. The plastic hoop is actually the rim cut off of a plastic cup. I started crocheting in the center and worked my way out, then attached it to the hoop. I have the link to the pattern at the end of my post. 

Did you know I have never owned a dream catcher? I never cared to own one.

Being from a Christian home, we always associated dream catchers with witchcraft or paganism because people use dream catchers as a spiritual tool. It was believed to bring good dreams to those that sleep under them. Dreams from the spirits would pass through. Only the good dreams can pass through and the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and fade away by the morning. 

Now that I am older, I see these cute little things as no more than a native craft item. I let prayers to God handle my bad dreams. 
This dream catcher was fun and easy to make. I like some boho styles and this is a little charmer. 

Now about that boogie man under my bed. 

Want to make your own dream catcher? 
I used this pattern found HERE 


  1. How pretty!

    I used to worry over things like that for the same reason. Then I decided God knows my heart, so I quit worrying so much.

  2. You’re so talented! I love dream catchers and this one is just precious!

  3. Lisa, That is a cute dream catcher. It is clever too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. You always come up with interesting stuff. I was an OLD man before I heard of the dream catchers. Cute idea but no I never owned one. I think one of the boys did.
    I was told if you cut the legs off your bed the boogie man couldn't get under there! LOL

    Love from the town of Beermnt, LOL

  5. You made such a pretty dream catcher! Hope you have a nice week!

  6. It is always a pleasure to read your posts. Thanks for putting up awesome contents!

  7. I am a Christian and I have two dream catchers - they don't mean anything to me - then pretty.

  8. So very pretty.
    I have a pair of dream catcher earrings.

  9. Maybe the only catch dreams and the nightmares get past it.

    ....I must warn the village.

  10. Wow,that looks amazing! You have a great talent to create something like this☺

  11. This is very pretty. i don't think dream catchers have anything to do with paganism or witchcraft do they? They are a native American item that has significance to some tribes. As long as you make this without adding any additional meaning to it, acknowledge who and what inspired it, and just see it as a lovely object inspired by someone else's beliefs then it is just that - a pretty decoration.