Hope everyone is ready for Christmas! It will be here in just four more days! I have to say that I am officially done with my shopping. I finished up two weeks early this year.

I have two brothers with kids and wives and a sister. Nick has two brothers with wives. We used to all exchange gifts. That was really hard. I love to give and wish I could give everyone something special but each year it would get more stressful trying to find the perfect gifts. Half of the gifts were left unneeded or unwanted. We finally decided to only buy for the kids and our parents and that made things a lot easier and more fun. The adults now enjoy time together sharing recipes and stories. It’s also more fun to sit back and watch the small kids open gifts. Teenagers, not so much. Haha.

Me and Nick do not swap gifts anymore. We spend it all on our daughter. It’s not much, but since our monies are usually tight, we would rather give her the things she needs and we enjoy doing something special together after the Christmas bustle.

Our daughter is twenty seven but at Christmas shes twelve. Haha. Ever since she moved out after college, at Christmas she will come home and spend about five days with us. She still has her own bedroom and walks in the door as if she still lives here full time. We will do some baking, and get our nails done for Christmas. On Christmas morning she will wake up to presents under the tree and gifts scattered from Santa. I told Nick that the first Christmas we have after she gets married (someday) will be sorta heartbreaking. I already made it through her driving away, going to college, and living out on her own. Now I have to go through her being someone else's joy on Christmas morning one of these days (soon I think). Meanwhile, I'm gonna enjoy it while I still can. 

Do you swap gifts among a big family or just buy for a few?
Do you and your spouse swap gifts or go out instead?

If you are alone this Christmas, my heart goes out to you. I pray you can find peace, joy and love in those around you and in yourself. 
If you know someone who is alone, I hope you will share the joys of Christmas with them. 

Merry (Almost) Christmas.


  1. Merry Almost Christmas Lisa! I'm basically done with Christmas shopping. I've been sick with this cold all week, but I did manage to wrap some gifts the other day. Very true, let us not forget those who may feel lonely this holiday season.

  2. Pretty much everyone's gifts are bought. I bought myself something which counts as Daisy's gift to me. I don't get much for Christmas.

  3. Hi Lisa! We ate headed home to Pittsburgh PA to celebrate Christmas with my family and mom, who loves there. I have a new 1 yr old nephew
    Aedan who will enjoy gifts and Makaula my 8 yr old neice. Hubby and I buy a few things for e h other, but I'm enjoying being with my family.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
    Jess xx

  4. We don't exchange gifts any more. I do a lot of baking to give away as gifts.

  5. I love to read of your closeness with your daughter. Sherry wanted a daughter, never happened, but when that GRANDdaughter came. OH WOW she was happy.
    No we do not exchange anymore and do not shop. Ours now is simply a monetary gift to each family member. If we are giving cash, we drive home, if checks we mail it. We d like to have an evening out to celebrate Christmas....
    Merry Christmas to you and St. Nick!

  6. Merry Almost Christmas to you!!! I'm wrapping up the last few things tonight. Louis Dean and I each bought the other something and we will open those privately. I buy for my children and grandchildren plus spouses. The older grands are the hardest. I decided two years ago to give them Texas Trash. It is rather expensive to make and I give them each a container plus I put a little $$ in the top. Last year it was $20 but this year it's $10. Things are a little tighter. Plus I give a gift certificate to Campo Verde to the parents. A large enough one for the whole family of five to eat out.
    Gift giving doesn't seem to be as much fun as it used to be. I guess I am getting old.Gifts don't mean as much to me these days. But I do love Christmas with family and all teh traditions!

  7. We used to buy lots of presents, but no longer. Our youngest grandchild is 21 & my husband & I are in our 80's. Now we just give money, which is always appreciated. This is a memory from my past:
    Nameless II (our oldest granddaughter) was almost 1 1/2 years old when she came to our house for Christmas. There were a bazillion or two gifts under the tree. (My family used to claim that if I gave someone a deck of cards I would wrap each one individually. Possibly a slight exaggeration.) Anyway, she took one look at the tree & the gifts & her eyes grew huge. She drew in a deep breath & said in a baby voice, "So many pwesents--all fo' me!!"

  8. Merry Christmas and wishing you peace, joy and happiness in the new year.

  9. Hoping your Christmas is merry and bright.
    Being a grandmother and great-grandmother, I buy for them and my children. Never all the girls are getting Pioneer Woman things that aren't expensive...our family is growing by leaps and bounds, tho, and we've decided to draw a name next year and do handmade gifts.