Vacation Week

Nick and I have been at the beach all week. I have been wanting to do some blogging and I’ve tried my best to keep up with everyones new post. The internet is terrible here and as soon as I try to sit down with my iPad, it goes out. I have data but I limit the use.

We have started each day with a cup of coffee and breakfast. At 8am we head down to the sand and set out our umbrellas and chairs as the beach fills up fast with the crowd.

Despite the weather saying rain all week, we have not seen any rain. It’s been up to 100 degrees and the sun is hot. Once our chairs are set up, we head back to the camper to put on our tennis shoes and go for a three or four mile walk around the camp ground.

We have met some really nice people this week on the beach. It seems just about everyone is from around the same area as we are. We have met 3 preachers, and 4 school teachers. We even talked to some Canadians and spent 15 minutes explaining to them what “Grits” were. They have never even heard of grits. We advised them to go to the breakfast place in the campground and order a bowl. 

One afternoon we met up with my brother in law for his birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We enjoyed watching the chef prepare our food. I had shrimp and chicken and Nick had the shrimp and steak. 

We had enough food left over that we heated it up on the grill the next night for dinner on the picnic table.

After we ate we walked off our dinner at the outlet mall nearby. In one of the court yards they had a seating area with these fun egg shaped chairs. I think they are actually called “plop chairs”. I do not know why, but I loved these chairs that were also light weight and moveable. I would love to have a set of these in my yard.  
Nick took a photo of me sitting in one. You can see his shadow. Ha.

If anyone can find these chairs on the internet anywhere, let me know. 

Now we are headed back out to the sand to soak up some more sun, make more friends and people watch.

Oh and one more thing. I saw a Guinea pig on a boogie board yesterday, I kid you not. I did not have my camera with me at the time but I hope to see it again today and will be sure to get a photo so people will believe me.

Hang ten


  1. It looks like you had a great time at the beach! Those are such cute chairs!

  2. Amber and the family are leaving today for a beach week. I love the way y’all do it! Louis Dean is not a beach guy so it’s no fun to go with him. My best memories of the beach are the times Summer and I’ve gone together. We hope to do that again soon. So glad y’all are having fun and you are far away from your office chair!

  3. Glad you had a fun week with your sweetheart. You look so cute in the egg chair. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Ahhhh sounds like a great vacation and pretty smart to locate a place for the chairs and umbrella, cool. We enjoyed watching the cook do that a long time ago, maybe its time to do it again. Enjoy the sun and sand as long as you can! WE are patiently(not) sitting here awaiting our time to head North to PA in Sept. IO can't remember when this coach has sat in one place so long.
    Love from the Bell town.

  5. Love your getaway. Nothing better than some beach time. You look darling in the egg shaped chair.Vondom chair

  6. It's been raining like crazy here lately. Like Seattle in Spartanburg. I guess the beach was lucky

  7. That place looks amazingly.
    Wear sunscreen.