Indian Dolls- Memories

I remember when I was young, one of the places our family would visit was Cherokee, NC. On the way, we would often pull over for a roadside picnic. Those were the good ole Days.

I loved to visit Cherokee because I loved to see the Indians. You could see some in full suit and head dress walking around. I even had a little Indian dress myself and a pair of moccasins. I think there was dancing chickens and a piano playing chicken but I could have been dreaming.

While we were there, we would always go into the shops. Mom and dad would give us each a couple dollars to buy a souvenir. My big brother would often get at tomahawk or hat. My little Sister liked to pick up a pet rock and I went straight to the Indian dolls and beaded jewelry. I would walk away with one of the other.

I loved the little Indean dolls the best. There was just something about the smell of the leather outfit, tiny shoes, and cotton hair. I have no idea where those dolls are today but I wish I still had one.

My sister drove up to Cherokee a couple weekends ago on a job assignment and revisited a few of the stores.

She was sweet enough to bring me back a souvenir of a tiny beaded Indian doll necklace just like we wore when we were little.

They are still made the same as they were over 40 years ago. Look close, you can even see tiny little feet under her dress.

Not only did my sister bring me back this sweet gift but she also brought back some memories. Now I am trying to get my husband take me back to the Indian town and visit the casinos. I have never been to a casino, and of course touch an Indian. [Grin].


  1. IN LOVE! Those lil feet!!! What great memories of those precious dollies! xo

  2. I remember those little indian little girl always picked those, too

  3. The dolls are precious!!

  4. What a nice sister you have. : ) I had one of those Indian Dolls - my dad gave it to me. Your post brought back a memory for me too.

  5. I think my sister had one of those Indian Dolls. An yes, I headed straight for the tomahawks! Wonderful memories.

  6. Oh yes, you brought back so many memories of trips to Cherokee. So much so that we just HAD to take our boys and then later take the grand kids. Such excitement and yep when I was allowed my 'bring back' was a Tomahawk.
    I like this. I remember my sister picking the dolls.
    Good one.....
    Love from Sherry & jack

  7. I think I remember a friend telling me about a dancing chicken.
    That is a cute necklace.