Nutrisystem- Success Update

I guess you can say I'm obsessed with Nutrisystem. I have been on the program now over three years. I absolutely love the foods. Not one time have I ever gotten sick or had even the slightest tummy ache from eating any of their foods and believe me, I've tried them all. Do I like them all? Na, there are a few of the meals I will turn my nose up to. However, what I may not find tasty, others may like, so its just a matter of preference.

Nutrisystem has changed my life. I have learned to eat healthier and I feel good. My yearly checkups and blood work are great. I have more confidence and better self esteem. I can now wear the bikinis, tight jeans, and yoga pants proudly. I am about 5 lbs away from the weight I want to be and still have room to enjoy that piece of cake or mama's biscuits every now and again.

I'm far from having the perfect body, but I am happy now in my 49 year old skin. Oh and speaking of skin. Since I have been on Nutrisystem, my skin seems to be more healthy too. I no longer experience the up and downs of oily to dry skin and have not had the adult acne in years. I guess my only complaint is the loose skin I have from losing 50 lbs. I'm working on that.

I have more energy. There were times when I didn't even feel like tying my shoes. I would drag myself in and out of the car and I could forget about sitting on the floor. Honestly, I was just lazy and always bloated from eating junk food. Now I can't wait to get my day started as I jump out of bed after a good night sleep, have a healthy breakfast and head to work feeling giddy with a better attitude. Just kidding. I hate going to work, but I do have a better attitude. sometimes.

During my weight loss journey, I have been invited to three Nutrisystem commercial/ photo shoots and have attended two of them. It's been so much fun meeting a couple celebrities and making new friends that are on the same weight loss journey as me. They all have a different story but at the end of the day we all have inspired each other with our success. Those people you see on any Nutrisystem products or websites are real people just like you and me.

I currently eat a lot of my own foods and maintain my weight with Nutrisystem meals, so my journey is not over. If you have followed me, you know that I also like to experiment with Nutrisystem foods and flex meals (meals that are equivalent to NS meals).

With that being said.....

I am proud to announce that I have been contacted by Nutrisystem to join their team as a Nutrisystem Ambassador! How cool is that? This gives me more opportunity to share my food photos and success stories with others that might be struggling to find the right diet or healthy meals. Be sure to follow @Nutrisystem and me @lilidi_meo on Instagram and/or Facebook. 
You may see more of my blog post about heathy foods (thought I’d never say that! Ha) and diet motivations during the next few months.

I never know where my journey will take me next.

*If you are on Nutrisystem, head over to and enter your success story along with a before and after photo. You never know, you could be the next Nutri-Star. 

*Read my success story here
*Click here for $30.00 off your first order .
*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week with Nutrisystem.
(Results may vary with different individuals).

I am not being paid or asked by Nutrisystem to write this blog post. 

Opinions and results are all my own. 


  1. Are those abs I see in the after photo?

  2. You are AMAZING and look AMAZING!! So proud of your and your inspiration will help so many!!

    1. Thank you. Comments like this help me so much.

  3. Wow and Wow!! Lisa what an inspiration you are and congratulations! I know how good it feels to take control of your life and its obvious you are happier and healthier for doing so! You look amazing!!
    Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Your welcome. Thank. You for the kind words! Its not always roses and rainbows but yes I am happier!!!

  4. I am so in awe of your accomplishments on NS. You look great and sound so positive! My daughter was on it for about two months, awhile ago. We were a little concerned over the processed foods. How do you feel about that? Also, I hope I'm not being too personal, how much did you weigh before you lost the weight? I have about 50 lbs. to lose and its just so hard.

    Jane x

    1. I was 168lbs. My goal was to loose 30 but ended up losing 50! Yes it is hard but its worth it!.
      Click the link below to a great article about the proccessed foods.

  5. My comment is resting in outerspace somewhere. Sherry mentioned this and I said Yeah, I told her how much I admired her. NO YOU DIDN'T! So I checked and I didn't.
    So yep we are so proud that we got to know you. To be honest it is seldom someone is able to do what you do. I have friends who lost 100 and anothe 150 lbs. Both have gained most of it back. It MUST be such a tough battle, BUT YOU ARE WINNING and it is great to read a success story. I know old Nick is proud of his lady!
    Love from this side of the red river.

    1. Thanks Jack! I always look foward to your comment.

  6. You look fabulous, Lisa, and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Lisa
    Congratulations on your journey to better health. It's all about feeling good and that's wonderful that you are acheiving your goals. You look great and it's great to have more energy!
    Jess xx

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