Favorite Face Products

People will ask me how I stay looking so young. I'm not sure if they say this to pay me a complement or just to make me feel good. I will giggle inside and blush a little because I know what I see when I look in the mirror.

Behind the make up and camera filters I see years of sun damage, sagging skin and crows feet around my eyes. I'll be 50 before long so I accept it. I am trying really hard to take care of myself as I grow older. I want to stay looking as young as I feel.

So for those who wonder,
First, I keep it pretty simple. I do not use any special cleansers on my face. I normally just use this Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier. You can get it at just about any store like Target, Walmart, or Walgreen.

This stuff is awesome. It gently cleanses my face and removes any makeup. It's also safe to use on my eyes. There are no harsh chemicals or perfumes. After my shower, I will apply this cleaner using a cotton round and there is no need to rinse. Just wipe and go.

Second, I do not use any wrinkle creams. Believe me, I've tried several kinds and none of them work. What I use instead is this Baby Oil Cream. Yes that's it. Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

It works better than any other moisturizer or wrinkle cream I have ever tried. I use the store brand from Walmart and it works just as good as the Johnson's brand. Don't let the "oil" part scare ya. It will leave your face soft without feeling oily at all. I love it. I have even applied it to my neck and shoulders. I notice in the mornings that some of my wrinkles and crinkles are plumped out and I look refreshed and less fatigued. Men, you can use it too.

Lastly, I do not like wearing a gooey base makeup during the summer. I like my face to feel light and fresh in the heat. What I use is this BB cream from L'Oreal. It is basically a light lotion with antioxidants and vitamin C&E. I use this as my foundation.

BB cream really is like a little magic skin beautifier. It comes in fair, light, medium or deep. This cream comes out of the bottle white colored but once it is applied to my face, it blends with my skin tone and evens everything out. I like the natural bare face finish. I also think it gives my skin a shimmery glow.

What are some of your favorite face products?

I was not asked, paid or given any of these products for my review. They are all purchased myself. These are my personal everyday choices and honest opinions..

Loreal BB Cream (Beauty Balm)


  1. Racing t Wal-Mart today to get that Baby Oil Cream. My neck creases need some good plumping, lol! Have a GREAT day today!

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for introducing me to some new beauty products. I bought the first one for my daughter to try but I think I will try that and the baby oil cream. I would have never thought to use that on my face. I bet it works great.

    Hope you have a great day

  3. I love a bargain! I use the Garner makeup wipes to get gooey mascara off. Its the only brand that works for my sensitive skin. I agree that the oil is necessary but I really do look for products with hyaluronic acid. Sounds scary but this ingredient helps draw in moisture to plump up your skin, thus, a big wrinkle solving benefit. You can get high end creams, or try Cere Ve from the drugstore. Its a game changer. I use foundation but I apply it with a wet beauty blender so it stays light and dewy.

    Great post, pretty lady!

  4. Okay I ain't gettin none of them. BUT my Sherry might. I stick with what most of us wrinkled and worn out men use, soap and water. But I must admit, you girls do a great job of looking young. My wife in the fall of our lives still looks like spring. Not as springy as you, but still my 17 year old BOMB!
    Love you girl and you always look in a way that makes old St. Nick SMILE ear to ear!

  5. I love that micellar water, have been using it for a few years now! I might have to try that baby oil cream. I've been using rose hip oil with some essential oils in it at night, but perhaps the baby oil cream might be nice every other night.

  6. I have shoes that are 50:)
    Getting older is not for wimps.

  7. Great products Lisa! The baby oil cream works so well. I used another brand a few years ago and I loved it! Not greasy at all! I haven't tried the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, but I've heard a lot of postive reviews about it!

  8. I'm going to try the L'Oreal BB cream, thanks for the idea.