Peanuts On The Beach

Our trip to the beach started out slow but we eventually got going. We headed out early after breakfast and coffee Saturday morning only to find one of my tires was flat. Nick could not find a hole or a leak but it was all the way flat with no warning from the day before. We had just gotten them rotated last week along with an oil change. We like to make sure everything is right before we hit the road. Nick used our little portable tire pumper upper and got it back to pressure. After convincing him it was not the end of the world, we took our chances and headed on to the coast. He checked the pressure upon arrival and they were perfect. Not sure what had happened. 

We woke up Sunday morning and the sun was blazing hot. It felt like satan’s sauna. After a nice three mile walk we.........No wait, It was not a “nice” walk. It was miserably hot. I love the hot weather but not today. Anywhow, after our walk, we visited the general store here on the campground. I could hear some young girls giggling and grossing out over the boiled peanuts in some cooker pots over beside the hotdogs. They obviously have never had any.  

However, I could not resist. I love boiled peanuts and I didn’t care how hot it was outside, I wanted a bowl. Yes, I turned down ice cream for a bowl of hot cajun seasoned peanuts. 

They made the perfect mid morning snack while we were settled under the umbrella on the beach. Nick helped me eat them. There are also a few hungary Seagulls standing around waiting on any nuts that may fall. I’m not sure why everyone is watching us eat peanuts. Maybe they have never seen someone eat boiled peanuts before or they might be thinking of getting a bowl for themselves. Maybe it’s the wasp thats flying around me causing me to junp up and run every few minutes. 

Do you like boiled peanuts? The first time I ever had any was only a few years ago while visiting the NC mountains. They were selling them on the roadside. 


  1. I am sorry to say I have not eaten boiled peanuts, they were not to be found in Wisconsin or California, in the areas where I live. I am sure I would like them.

  2. I love boiled peanuts too and all that good protein!! Here's to beach lovin and peanut eatin!!!

  3. I like boiled peanuts, too, but not with cajun seasoning. Tummy won't take it. Also love salted peanuts dropped into a cola. (southern and gross to a lot of people). Glad you got your walk in-even if it felt like Satan's sauna---make you want to walk the straight and narrow, doesn't it?! lol xo Diana

  4. I've never tried them!!

  5. I love boiled peanuts. Glad you enjoy the beach even in the heat! But I always enjoy the step back off the beach at times into the shade with a breeze. I am adicted to the smell of salt air, I love it.
    I have had one of those 'strange' flats at times. I was never able to 'splain it!

  6. I could eat my weight in boiled peanuts. I got my niece hooked on them too.