Snow Sort Of

All last week everyone was in a frenzy, saying the weatherman says it’s gonna snow a little around here. 
“What? No”.
It’s too warm here to snow. The low is the high 40’s. 
So I look at the weather app on my smart phone. 
No snow in the forcast.  

Then later on Thursday night. The weather app shows a little snow flake sign for Friday. 
“Oh great”. 
So Friday, sure enough, its snowed. “Sort of”. 
Jobs were cancellling and the crews were heading in. 
For the record. I work for a carpet cleaning service. We service several counties between North and South Carolina. Our mountain area customers were all cancelled. For the foot hills, they were iffy. They got a lot of work done, but half of what a they would expect on a clear day. 

When snow falls around here. People panic. Schools close and the grocery store shelves are empty. A single snow flake will cause this furry. It’s crazy but we do not get to see snow often. 

Some of the guys came into my office and said I may want to go ahead and go home for the day. The roads are getting slick.
It was 4:00 and I left.

The roads appeared to be getting a little slushy. 

Two miles down the road..... Nothing. No snow, clear roads and green grass.
My husband could not understand why I came home early. 
“Well, it was snowing and laying on the roads at my work!” I said.
I work only 10 minutes from my house.

It’s Saturday morning and 45 degrees. I’m sipping coffee and watching the snow fall outside. Yes, It’s snowing here now. 

Sort Of.


  1. I used to think that was a joke. Until one day we actually needed a loaf of bread. I thought nothing of it. Aldis was closest so I stopped by. NO BREAD! I asked one of the workers, they laughed "We have been out of bread and milk for three hours."
    This really happens down south if the weather man mentions snow. Sorta like we are gong to have a blizzard and no one can get out for thirty days! hahahah
    No matter, have a great weekend. Sherry keeps checking the Gazette and Observer for the best forecast next week. hahaha We are gonna believe the best forecast. Get you a snow mobile.
    We attended church in Alaska years ago. The preacher was from the lower 48. He pointed to the edge of the roof and said, "By Dec. the snow will be that deep and the folks will come to church on snow mobiles." Now that is snow.

  2. Ha ha isn’t that funny? It’s snowing here now, but we’re not supposed to get more than 3 inches or so - it’s nice to see it, especially with the Christmas tree lit and the music playing!

  3. i say better to be safe than sorry.

  4. We got a little last night but it poured down today. Roads were still okay but not enough where I would take my chances

  5. That would be a heavy frost around here! : )
    Sometimes just a little snow can be very slippery.

  6. Lisa, Bless your heart. I remember white knuckle drives to and from work. LOL My brother lives in Alabama and he has more snow than we do here in Indiana. we just went to the grocery, were inside for 15-20 minutes came out to blinding snow. I am not a fan of snow. I will not go anywhere in it if I can help it. 30 years of driving in all kinds of conditions was enough. Better to be home safe and warm. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  7. We go crazy when the "S" word is mentioned too. The weatherman said we'd get a dusting, but we got almost 3 inches. It was a decent snow. Today, most of it melted.

  8. I live in South Carolina and it does seem to get crazy here with the thought of it might snow lol. I remember when the forecasters said it was calling for snow at the beginning of the year and all it did was sleet and turn sunny. People were in such a frenzy with the bread and milk.