I’m Faster Now

I used to blog from my desk top computer. Now it just sits in the home office being used as what we call the brain computer. It’s where we have our router and modem attached. We have learned that with WiFi and a wireless printer, we really do not need it anymore, but since it has a lot of documents and pictures loaded on it, we keep it going. 

Later, I purchased a little cheap Netbook. I’ts all I could afford at the time but it was my favorite blogging tool.....Until I tripped and fell resulting in the screen breaking. It would cost more to have it fixed than I purchased it for. I was so upest. I could not find another one like it in the stores so I opt for a small computer. It had Windows 8 and I never liked that but learned to work around it (Windows 10 is great though). I enjoyed using it for blogging too but....
Then the iPad happend. 
My husband seen a great deal on an ipad pro from our Verizon account and purchase me one. I really wanted one but never thought I could afford it. But here I am. I have been blogging from my iPad over a year now. I did pretty good using the “on screen key board”. But it was so easy to make mistakes and its very sensitive. It would post sometimes when I wasn't ready. 

Well, guess what? My dear husband did it again. This time, he purchased me a bluetooth keyboard to use for typing on my iPad. So here I am, typing from a key board and using my ipad. I’m loving it. It all came natural to type ( I type all day at work on a desk top). Now I can blog and comment faster from my ever so loved iPad. Yes, I love love love my ipad even thought blogger does not support it. But I have found away around that too. 

My husband is over there right now giggling at me beacuse he can now hear me typing. The keys are really snappy. I sound like a telephone operator over here. He said It sounds like im talking my fingers off and saying “new toy, new toy, new toy”. Haha. It may be cute right now, but give it a day or two and he will be over there hushing me. 

Ok thats enought for now. Thanks for reading my jibber jabber but I needed to try this thing out. 
I give it five stars. 


  1. I always preferred my all-in-one PC over anything else. I'm really picky with keyboards, I can't stand many that have flat buttons and thin designs.

  2. The last time we were at McKenney-Salinus Honda there in Gastonia for our FIT air bag recall. I noticed a lady using two portable units as she waited for her car. Finally I could take it no longer and asked her. She had an Ipad and something else. She loved them and took time to introduce me to them. I went home and checked the price and put them on the back burner. You are reviving that. I must have a key board. I wear the key letters off in a short time. I need the touch of a lady who is avoiding ruining a nail, ha!
    Thanks for the information. Good stuff to know.

  3. Just keep blogging!!

  4. Glad you're happy with your new toy. : )
    I still like my desk top because it has a big screen and I like to see the pictures big when I read other blogs.

  5. Hope you are having good time playing with your new keyboard!!

  6. Nice. I love my iPad but my home button is not working correctly. It's what I used for blogbuddy commenting. I've been having to use my phone which is a pain because it makes me authenticate every time I try to comment.
    I found a place that works on iPads. I'm hoping it doesn't cost more to fix it that it would be to replace it.
    The keyboard sounds like just the ticket.

  7. I have a Toshiba laptop that I don't like. I used to blog on that, but it's sooooooooooo slow. I also have a keyboard for my iPad, and I love it! When I work from home for any reason I tend to use the iPad rather than the laptop since it's so much quicker! Mine is a case/keyboard combination rather than a separate keyboard, it's the best!!