Santa Mug

I am happy to say, it’s looked a lot like Christmas in my house since the day before Thanksgiving. Yes, I said I’d never decorate until Thanksgiving night but when the mood strikes, ya gotta go with it. So we did. Really, I had to take advanatge of it while my daughter was home visiting. 

Ooooops did any one else just get a preview of my post? Yikes. I dropped my ipad and hit the publish button on the way to the floor. Sorry about that. If you follow by email....sorry. 

Ok back to Christmas. While reading BJ’s blog over at “SweetNothings”, She mentioned how fun it was to drink from a Christmas cup at Christmas. She is correct. I looked at my breakfast muffin and then at my Santa mug. Yes. There is something about drinking from a Christmas mug.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my Husband that I am in search of one of those vintage Santa mugs. You know, the ones that had a face and are usually worn and faded due to years of use? He said, “Oh I know where one is, maybe two”. When I came in from work. There it was. The mug I had asked for. It was his when he was little. Where does he come up with this stuff? He is my very own “St. Nick”. 

It snowed all day yesterday though it did not stick around. It was a beautiful and every where we went, I felt like I was inside a snow globe. 
It’s Sunday morning and the grass is covered in frost and the sun is shining bright. There is no more snow is in the forecast. I will head off to church as soon as I finish my muffin and coffee. 

We have our church Christmas dinner today. I made a sugar free banana pudding to take. This is specially made for those that can’t have any sweets off the dessert table. My dad is and some others are diabetic and will get to enjoy the full flavor of sweetness without the sugar. 

Happy Sunday.


  1. I only have a door covering, window clings, and a tree for our festive time

  2. Yep, ole' Nick has pages you ain't never read. LOL The santa cup is nice, love it. I know the folk who crave sweets but can't have them LOVE you! ................ Maybe some of the others too! LOL
    Have a great day!

  3. Oh my does that look good.
    I have a santa mug too. : )

  4. I've been looking for some cute Christmas mugs but haven't found just the right ones yet. Oh well, maybe next year!

  5. OHMYGOSH...that is an adorable Santa mug.....
    no cute shirts like yours at our ON store...sold out, I guess. I did find a navy and white with red without a collar at another store to wear with jeans on Christmas Eve...that's when all our family will be here.

  6. Greeting from North Idaho and my mom had some what set like that. I found your blog though Jimmy Opinion.
    If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee

  7. OMG...he santa cup is nice, love it...