Easy Cranberry Jam

Ok readers, hold on to your aprons. Your gonna love this one. Its easy peasy and will make a great little quick gift for your neighbor, teacher, family, secret pal, mail carrier, ....well, you get the idea.

I have been looking for a recipe to use up the bags of cranberries I have stashed away in my refrigerator. I have never made anything good from cranberries unless they were from a can. I have been in search of a recipe to make with my fresh cranberries, I thought about muffins until I found a recipe for Cramberry jam that only called for three ingredients. 

Oh yea, I can do that!

So I made a trial run.


Cranberry Jam
1 cup of Cranberries
1 cup of Sugar
1/8 cup water
Tiny drop of vanilla (optional)
(I was worried this was not enough liquid but just wait.. It will be enough)

~Boil and stir all together until the cranberries start popping and soften. 
~Use an emerssion blender and blend until smooth and replace back on the stove. 
~cook on medium heat and stir until the jam makes a sticky coating on back of the spoon. 
~Pour into small mason jar. 


If you plan to store your jam or give as a gift, place the lids on them and leave on counter until sealed. 
The jam will thicken more as it cools. 

*Incase your wondering: No extra pectin is needed for the recipe as cranberries produce their own. 

We had to try out a small bit on a slice of buttered toast. My husband gave it a thumbs up and litterally scraped the jar clean. 
We liked it! It was really sweet with just the right amount of tart to make this a new breakfast favorite. 

The hardest part of making this is finding small Mason or Ball jars. Walmart has them in sets of 12. I only need about 6 so I didnt buy any. I’m in search of a smaller bulk of jars, but for now, we will enjoy ours from our own reused jars. I do not need to worry about sealing the jars because this yum yum will not last that long in my kitchen. 

The original recipe and many more can be found at Kleinworthco.com.


  1. That sounds fantastic. What a neat little gift...ohhh...wouldn't those be good on the cranberry/orange muffins Krusteaz (box mix)? Thanks- easy/peasy is right!!!! xo Diana

  2. Sounds very good. I don't have a blender or I would make it.

  3. Oh boy...I do love me some fresh cranberries....going to store tomorrow for a couple bags ....and look for jars...I want to make this for my bunco group.
    Thanks so much for the recipe

  4. That sounds easy enough that even I could do it. Nice tip for using the cranberries that are leftover.

  5. That sounds SO good!!

  6. Yammy. I wish we lived closer. We'd run by and try that Cranberry Jam :)

  7. mason jars are hard to find except in the big packs, you're right

  8. Yum!!! I make cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving to bring to our family dinner, and I usually make a double batch so we have some for all year. I freeze it in tiny containers and pull one out in the morning if I'm planning to make roast chicken for dinner. It's so much better than the junk in the can!!!

  9. Hello Lisa, what a lovely jam. I don’t believe I have ever had any. Thanks for sharing your easy peasy Cranberry jam. Merry Christmas sweet Lisa. Xo