Boy am I glad this week is coming to an end. It’s been slow in the office so that makes my days longer. 
This morning at work I set out some cookies and had coffee brewing for the employees to start their morning. 

Last night I finally got busy making my Christmas goodies. I made fudge and peanut butter balls so far. Tonight I will be making a couple different kinds of cookies. My daughter likes to help so I have put the cookie baking off until she gets home tonight. Then we will pack Christmas tins for the neighbors and make deliveries. 

Luckily we got our Christmas shopping done before December but every day it seems like there is that one little thing I forgot to get or some kind of ingredient I needed for a recipe. So we head back out to the stores. It’s not so bad when your not rushed to find gifts. 
But sadly I can not do it alone. It’s just too dangerous to even go to a fast food restaurant anymore. We have pan handlers that will approach your windows while your in line at the drive through. Sorry, But I can’t stand a pan handler.

And then we have Grinches!!

I hate to write about bad news, but im tellin ya, it’s been crazy around my town this week. The bad guys want to put a damper on everyones Christmas shopping. I mean, everytime we settled in for the night we would hear on the news the things that are going on. We would look at each other and say “we just missed that” or “we got out of the store just in time”. For example, Our local Walmart was evauated an hour after we had been shopping there. The police came in with guns drawn and asked everyone to leave their merchandise and get out of the store . There was a possible shooter in the store. It ended up being two men quirling. 
That was just the beginning of the week.

The rest of the week there was something every day. Here is some to name a few. 
Armed Robbery at the Family Dollar Store- I mean “its a dollar store for heaven sake” how much you think you gonna get?
Armed Robbery at Wendys- Really?
Armed Robbery at Bojangles- Ok, so their BoBerry biscuits ARE that good.
Lowes caught fire.
And just today, up the road at Big Lots, two employees were attacked. 

I think it’s best I stay in for the weekend and keep on baking. I will be spending quality time with my daughter and we have church and some family get togethers to attend. It’s gonna be alright.
I refuse to let the grinches steal my joy. 

Tis the Season.


  1. family dollar and dollar general usually get robbed all the time here. There almost like convince stores, not many people in the store, usually just one clerk who hates their job, not much security, they can easily get in and out.

  2. Though I know things like that can happen ANYWHERE, it is nice living out in the country where it doesn't happen often.
    Have fun baking and delivering those Christmas goodies! : )

  3. Oh my! How terrible some of the things you hear in the news. There was a robbery at one of local family dollars about a month ago. That sounded so scary in Walmart thank God no one was hurt. Have fun baking and Merry Christmas Lisa!

  4. We had to go out and pick up a few groceries today, the crowds were enough to make me want to stay at home for the rest of the weekend.

    The number of crimes being committed everyday is horrifying, it's almost like nowhere is safe anymore, I am happy that you missed all of the mess going on around you and heres hoping for a safe weekend baking with your daughter.

  5. YEAH! Sherry was reading the Gazette about all the armed robberies. OUCH

    But that is a super sweet gesture with the baking. EVERYONE loves fresh baked goods, it seems so special at this time of the year also. GOOD ON U!

  6. Have a SAFE & happy holiday!!