Retro Fashion

A fashion blogger, I am not, but I'm so darn excited about my new finds this past week or so that I want to share them with my readers.

I found a "this and that store' in my town that deals in over run or damaged items. The merchandise in this store are still new, never worn, but for some reason, retailers got rid of them. The clothes here are even cheaper than the thrift store!

They had a sign on the door that read "All Dresses $3.50, Shirts $1.50", etc....

What? Now this is my kind of store! There were many odd clothes. There was clothes that I have never seen in the mall or any department store. I'm intrigued as I flip through each piece. I'm like a kid in a toy store.

I found two dresses in two different visits. I found more clothes as well, such as walking shorts and tshirts, but the dresses are my favorite. Each one I see adorning the racks are unique and different. Some are actually weird. I saw an "Orphan Annie" Dress there once. No lie. It was red with white collar and everything. If I were a red head, I would have made this my next "Halloween Costume".

I went home and started searching the internet to find out where the dresses I picked came from and I found the home of each dress I purchased. They both were from different vintage inspired boutiques. They were flawless and fit me comfortably.

The one I'm wearing is a fisher schooner dress. I paid $3.50. 
The one on the model is $89.99 at

I fell in love with them because they were different and had a retro or vintage appeal to them.

The one I'm holding was $3.50. 
The one pictured is $59.99 at

I cant wait until the next time I can make a visit there. The name of the store is "Big Deal" and to me it was a big deal!


  1. Love a white dress for summer - it would be perfect for the 4th!

  2. RETRO TREASURES. Picture perfect finds at just the right price. ENJOY. You look fab in them.

  3. Wow Lisa, I love both of your dresses. I wish we had a store like that here. My teen has been going to so many bday parties and I would save so much money for both of us! You look great in the first one! Have fun wearing them this summer. :)

  4. Women often get lucky when it comes to fashion clearance. When men's clothes end up on clearance, there's a reason.

  5. What a great store!!

  6. The system just ate my comment. LOL We will have to drive over to g-town and find Big Deal. Sherry would like to look thru it.
    Adam is right about the boys side. hard to find a deal. Good Used clothes are also hard to find, that is that ain't already worn out. hahaha
    Love from central Florida!
    I meant to say, you look better than the model in the schooner.!

  7. Wait a minute. Does the dress really look good or do you make the dress look good?

  8. Wow! You got some unbelievable deals and they're super cute, too! We don't have one those stores around here, but sure wish we did.

  9. Wow, amazing deals. And beautiful pieces of clothing. That white dress is spectacular.

  10. Those are cool threads. You practically stole them :)

  11. Wow did you get some good deals.

  12. Oh my goodness, that schooner dress is the absolute cutest!!

    xx, Elise