June Wedding

We were invited to another wedding this past weekend. One of my best friends daughter tied the knot. Me and the brides mom met in Zumba class years ago and became instant friends. Our daughters were both in the same year at college and were sorority sisters. I love Anne because she is so helpful to me, shes fun to be around and we have the same family values.

The wedding was held at Bakers Buffalo Creek Winery in North Carolina. It was a nice 45 minute drive to get there. 

The temperature was hot but the constant breeze made it comfortable for everyone.

Speaking of breeze (funny story)..... 

I did good keeping a handle on my dress as the wind blew all day. I could have been like Marilyn Monroe on the vent grait in a second. I did good keeping the modesty. But then I looked Down. I saw a cork on the ground. Me being a cork collector, I reached down to pick it up. Thats when I lost it. When I stood back up, my pocket book strap had caught the tail of my already short dress and pulled it clear over my backside flashing my undies. I was making more of a scene trying to fix it so I backed up to my husband and asked him to please fix my dress so I could stop mooning every one, There is no telling of what kind of show I was putting on while I was bent over. I hope no one was paying me any attention...

Ok story over.

It was a beautiful wedding that included a buffet style dinner and a wine bar. There was lots of dancing and the bride was beautiful. I didn't get any photos of the bride but wish I would have. I just thought it would be rude to take photos during the wedding. Ill just say, she was a beautiful red head Cinderella.

Her bridesmaids wore navy dresses that set fancy with the outdoor atmosphere.

We enjoyed ourselves and saw a lot of familiar faces. Of course I had to purchase a bottle of house blend wine and grabbed a cupcake to go. It was a lovely afternoon.

Update: I later received a photo from Anne. Here is a photo of the princess bride.


  1. Oops on mooning the people behind you. I thought I was the only klutz who did those things...

  2. Such a pretty place for a wedding! Thanks for the mooning giggle! HaHa!

  3. Lovely spot for a wedding. Here is hoping the couple are HAPPY EVER AFTER. Also hope a picture of the 'mooning over the winery' makes it to FB with an alert. ;-)

    Folks are dreaming up great venues for weddings. (I like the fact folks share the same family values).
    Love from close to the Catawba.

  4. My brother had a wedding outside. Very similar. All the others I've been to were inside

  5. A lovely setting for a wedding. Hope you and your undies don't end up all over the internet.

  6. Sounds like a lovely wedding. Thanks for letting me tag along.

  7. Was it a full moon?

  8. Aww I love you! I'm so glad y'all could come to the wedding. I didn't get to spend any time with you. :( But I have heard nothing about your mishap. Ha ha. You're just so sweet! I wish I could insert a photo on this thing I would send you a photo of our princess.

    1. Oh! I have a friend from Winston-Salem who mails me boxes of corks. (From a restaurant) I used some of them for the wedding but I have plenty left over. We should get together (finally) and make something with these things.

  9. I like weddings. The bride looks angelic.

  10. I like outside weddings. Nice that it was a beautiful day.
    The bride is beautiful and looks very happy.

  11. What a gorgeous bride!!! Hahaha oops on the undies!!!