Pardon My Typos

I'll admit, I'm terrible at spelling. If it were not for spell check, They would probably send me back to the 2nd grade.

I know I do it. I get so frustrated when I misspell a word or type something wrong in a comment or a post. I'm not dumb, I just get in a hurry and my eyesight is not as good as it was ten years ago.
Often I'm typing on the go and prematurely hit send. Sometimes I will even read it over and over before I click it. Then I put my glasses on and dooohhhhh!

If you see a miss spelling in my blog post, just check back in a few hours for I have found it and changed it. Every time I reread my post, I find a mistake. It just burns me up. So yes, I spend about fifteen minutes typing a story and about thirty minutes correcting it.
But then again, that's a pretty good par for somewhat of a dyslexic.

So pardon me on miss spellings or wrong wording when I comment. I do not want the word "deleted" beside my icon. I am aware of my mistake and probably beating my head on the desk or iPad at the same time. 

When I become a professional blogger, I'll hire a proof reader. 


  1. Spellcheck on my phone makes it worse. How about yours?

  2. Don't worry, most of us make spelling mistakes. : )

  3. mi splelling is sew bad, splell chek nvr nos wat I want.

  4. "Miss spelling" should be "misspelling"--but who cares? Not me!!

  5. Eye reelee injoyed thiz

  6. I always hate when I'm off by one letter and it's suggests nothing or something totally different.

  7. We are all guilty of this. Personally, I don't care whether my blogging friends spell properly or not. I'm not bothered by that.

  8. I've been writing a long time, and I still make so many errors it's not funny. Like you, I think faster than I can get the words down and they often come out wonky.
    I have several blog buddies that send me private messages when I do something really goofy :)
    Don't fret, just write.

  9. OUCH, you are talking about me here! LOL Cute post and so stinking true of me!

    LOve from the banks of the Catawba!