Its Rhubarb not Rutabaga

So I have been seeing some recipes using Rhubarb. I've never seen nor tasted such food. But I want too. I hear it has a sweet tart taste? I dunno.

The other day while shopping for produce, I mentioned to Nick that I wanted to make a Rutabaga pie or muffins. So The search was on. We found them. They looked like turnips and were ugly. They sure didn't look like the ones I saw on line. 

"Hmm let me wait a while on that cause I just don't know. That's an ugly veggie."

I did some research. Why didn't Rhubarb look like this in the grocery store? 
Because I was looking at Rutabagas!

Stupid me. I'm sure glad I didn't buy a Rutabaga because we would be eating nasty tasting pie!

So now my search is back on. I'm not sure this veggie (or is it a fruit?) is in season but I'm dieing to make some Rutabaga Rhubarb muffins soon.

Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. I adore rhubarb. It is tart, but very tasty. We used to have stewed rhubarb and custard quite often when I was a child. Rhubarb crumble is another good one.

  2. HaHa!!! Too funny! I love rutabagas, but don't think they would make good pies. I have never seen rhubarb around here (SC). I'm thinking it might be one of those early spring plants that grows in cooler temperatures. Good luck on finding some.

  3. aww...memories. My grandmother made rhubarb pies.

  4. You're too much! Keep the surprises coming

  5. Love rhubarb. I make a cobbler, cooking rhubarb with sugar butter and cornstarch. Then a topper on it and bake it in the oven.
    I think rhubarb is something you really like or NOT. It has a taste all its own. I'll give you the whole recipe if you'd like. No time to write it all down now.

    1. Just looked. Recipe is on my blog.

  6. I've never seen one but I knew at once that weren't no rhubarb in that picture :)

  7. Rhubarb pie can be yummy!!

  8. My German landlords make a mean rhubarb pie :)