Puzzled Thoughts

On my evening walk I came across a scattered puzzle.

It was just a reminder of how things are. Life, the world, me. Always looking for that missing piece or trying to put it all back together. They have been rained on, ran over, and stepped on as a few pieces still seem to keep their colors.

Its weeks like this that I cant seem to find things to talk about. When America is attacked, it puts me in a somber mode. Im constanlty thinking about those who lost people they love. I think about why such things have to happen.

I dont like getting on social media such as Facebook or Twitter because as soon as I log on, the bad news immediately slaps me in the face. 

Everyone seems to have their own opinion about what goes on around us but its simply the fact that there are lost and mean people out there without a conscience. While one person is trying to find a fix to the problem, there is always another finding ways to make another headline in the news. 

Even though I do not agree with the way some people choose to live, They are human beings and do not deserve to be hurt. But unfortunatly, not every human race sees it that way. Its just the way it is and how it's going to continue. 

Everyone always seems to think they can fix the problem, but sadly, they cant and never will. I also believe the world will never get better, so we need to make ourselves better.

I try to keep my mouth shut on political issues because Im not educated enough to fight the fight. I have to stay away from the sites that get me rawled up such as facebook. Im afraid ill get mouthy. Me and Nick even spend time doing other things while keeping the tv off most of the time. 

We will always have bad news until the next bad news. I'd rather keep positive thoughts and keep praying for our countries. I want to stay positive and continue living in a happy world. If we live un happy or in fear, then the bad guys win.


  1. Some days it is hard not to get bitter and twisted. Just the same, you are right. It does no good.

    1. PS: Jigsaws do my head. I have frequently wanted to throw them away...

  2. The saying you posted says it all!!

  3. Stay on the positive path. See what happens to the negative. (Clue: It's good.)

  4. It is not easy to keep from becoming disillusioned about our world. But despite what the media has you believing, there is more good in it than bad.

  5. Every time my sweetie turns on the news it just depresses me.