DIY T-shirt Scarf

Do you have old t-shirts that are ruined or just don't like? Here is an idea.
Double wrap it into a fashionable scarf (as pictured) or wear it around your neck as a scarflace.
All you need is a t-shirt and scissors.

Lay a t-shirt flat and cut across from arm pit to arm pit. (use a t-shirt that does not have side seams).
You now have a t-shirt tube. Cut the hem off the bottom. Then cut in 1 inch strips. Don't worry about getting them straight, It will all come out at the end. You will have approximately 20 to 25 strands.
Pull each strip to stretch as far as it will go. combine them all together with a cut piece of  fabric from the discarded piece of shirt. Tie tight and cut.

My Daughter made one with a "Nike" t-shirt and used a cut with the logo on it to tie the strands together for a brand look.


  1. You could SERIOUSLY quit work and open your own store, online or on the street. You are SO talented!! I think I'm on to something here. I bet if we marketed those scarves you would get tons of orders for them. When you sent me the text pic I thought it was just a cut tshirt, didn't realize it was in strips....Love that aqua color too!

  2. @Robin- Thanks for the sweet compliment. These are sooo easy. Any one can do it. I think ill keep my day job. LOL.

  3. This are super cool!! I have a question though: do the ends fray over time, since there are so many un-hemmed edges?

  4. No. They don't.. Once cut, you stretch them and it makes a tshirt yarn. You can even crochet with it and make many different things with tshirts.