Shopping Trip

What girl can resist a chance to go shopping on an all day shopping spree with her best friend? Surely not me. So when I had the opportunity this past weekend, I took it. My friend Robin and I headed up to Gaffney South Carolina for some retail therapy .
The fun began when we were so excited about going together that she missed the exit to take us there and we ended up about 10 miles out of the way into Shelby.  We could have went another 74 miles and ended up in Asheville but we had no use for that destination. So we pulled over at a car lot along the way to find out where to get on the interstate. I mean, really, where do people get on the interstate in Shelby? A sales lady at the car lot asked us if we needed any help and her instructions were precise but meanwhile Robin used the navigation on her "smart phone" and she got us there.

We arrived at the Gaffney outlet Mall in no time. This was my first time here. It was huge! There were so many stores to shop in. It took us nearly all day to get through them all. We had more fun than just shopping. We could not resist the temptation of acting like kids.
I found my chance at modeling

And Robin found Snookie

It was a fun day. We didn't buy to much stuff . The winter clothes did not appeal to us because we are all about summer clothes and cant wait until spring. 
But spending some time with my friend, getting out of town, and belly laughs that would make a six pack was way worth the trip. 

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  1. It really was a fun day and there is no one I would rather get thrown out of a store with...BAHAHAHA. Had a great time....the excessive giggling was good for my soul.