Gingerbread House and White Trash

With sugar dots and gums drops, my daughter built a gingerbread house! She really took her time and its not as easy as it looks. The icing like glue and gingerbread like brick, it would droop, slide and lean. But with patients and care, she finally got it together.

I think its the cutest thing and adds a special touch as a center piece for the table.

Meanwhile, I was busy making my "white trash" to hand out to friends and neighbors. My mother-in-law used to make it for the holidays. It was one of my favorites.

First you melt butter, chocolate and peanut butter together, vanilla, and a dash of salt
 then pour over Golden Gram cereal, nuts and raisins.
Then you put it in a trash bag after its completely cooled
and shake it up with a box of powdered sugar and....

wah lah! White Trash.

Packed and ready to hand out to my favorite neighbors!

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  1. I love the ginger bread. It has been my dream of making a ginger bread house since my childhood and now I am gonna make this. Yours look so beautiful and yummy!