Infinity Scarf

I have developed a liking with the "infinity" scarves this year and I have never even liked scarves. So, I crocheted me one the other night.
Photo via cell phone so color is off

A few weeks ago, I knitted one on a knitting loom. I had the wrong yarn and it was my first try at knitting so I'm not trusting the knitted scarf very much to hold up.
I like this one and plan to wear it soon. The temperature where I live will not seem to drop out of the 50's so I'm waiting on cooler weather to hit.

Despite a bad hair day, my daughter had fun modeling the scarf for me.


  1. Hey, we should get together and have a knitting/crochet day. It would be fun to do together! We could have some favorite show/movies on and make progress together. I have looked for a knitting club, but haven't found one. I have a few questions I need to ask someone inorder to do a couple of patterns. Love, Anne

  2. i think i like the crocheted more vs the knitted (loom). well done! and regardless of bad hair day, ashley still looks beautiful :O)

  3. Dear BFF....I realllllly want one of your homemade infinity scarves....I would keep it forever and ever.
    Love you...and as always....Ashley is a beauty!!!

  4. @BFF...I was really gonna make you one but ran out of time. What color?