Rustic wrapping and clogs

I'm usually a sucker when it comes that time of year to buy wrapping paper from local school fundraisers. I love all the beautiful selections they have to offer and will take my time to pick the perfect paper to use. This year I thought I'd go a different direction. Yes, I can afford wrapping paper, but why? I decided to go rustic with some of my wrapping this year by using plain craft paper and old ribbon.

Not real sure if I like it better than Christmas wrap or not but it does kind of have a warm cozy look around the tree. Its just something different. You can add decorations to the ribbon or use stamps to print the paper. There is really a lot different ideas and special touches you can give these packages.
Just hoping they like whats inside.

I also put out my favorite little clogs I bought from a consignment shop a few years ago. I think the imperfections give them a special look. I often wonder if they were painted by a child.

Many believe that the Dutch introduced Christmas stockings to America. During the 16th Century children in Holland would leave their clogs by the hearth. They would fill them with straw for the reindeer or "donkey" as the reindeer were called.

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  1. love the wrapping paper idea! it does add a warmth around the tree :o)
    Merry Christmas Dimeo's!!!