Two Ingredient Pretzel Bites

Who likes a good pretzel? If you are like me, you can hardly go to the mall without wanting one of those big warm soft pretzels. Am I right? I like them smothered in butter and salt or rolled in cinnamon and sugar. They fall next in line behind Krispy Kreme hot donuts.

Pretzels can be fattening if you don't take it easy, and well, I can’t take it easy. 
So today I am going to share with you these delicious pretzel bites that I made using only two ingredients. These are also easier on the diet. You could possibly even call them healthy. 

It took about 20 minutes to make these from start to finish and not much longer to make them disappear. We could not stop munching on these things. 
The best thing is they are super easy to make.

1 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt.
1 Cup self rising Flour. 
* Make a dough and place on a floured surface.
*Divide dough in quarters and roll each out into rope shapes.
*Cut into bite size pieces.
Boil 1/2 Cup Water and add 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda.
* Dip each piece in the soda water and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
* Bake 425 for 10 min or until lightly brown.
Melt Butter.
* Brush each piece with melted butter
* Sprinkle with course salt 
* Enjoy

Do these taste like those big warm pretzels from the mall? 
They are just as good but in a different way.
The ones at the mall are made with yeast bread and are.......
Ok just forget about those mall pretzels, these two ingredient pretzels are a crowd pleaser and you can avoid the calories. 

How do you like your pretzels? 
I like them with salt, but will sometimes dip them in Mustard.

Original recipe can be found at the  


  1. I love soft pretzels, these look wonderful and amaze me with the ingredients. YUMMO!

  2. These pretzels sound wonderful. Thanks for this recipe to make them.

  3. This is NOT a southern food, or my mama would hve made them. ;-) I met a pretzel when I was 17. I thought they were salty sticks and loved them. I was OLD before I met the soft delicious pretzel in New Jersey on the turnpike. I seldom have them now, but I enjoy them salty with a little mustard.
    Now your version sounds delicious, iffen I was a baker I'd make them. They sound right down my alley!
    Love from a 72 degree morning in central Florida.
    Sherry & jack

  4. I used to love getting hot pretzels on the streets in NYC from the pretzel carts.....yummmmm! The smell drew me in every time!

  5. I love those big warm pretzels. I like them with salt and like mustard with them too.
    Your bite size pretzels look yummy. I wonder if I could make the with regular flour and as baking soda. Don't keep any self rising flour on hand.

  6. Oh my goodness those look so delicious! Yummy

  7. I have a confession, I bought greek yogurt to make pretzels using your recipe from the other week and ended up eating it on my breakfast! I'm popping it back on the shopping list so I can actually give this a try!!

  8. I am going to try these! They sound delicious. xo Diana