Hat and Mittens

I have had a lot of time on my hands lately. I spend my mornings working out, reading blogs, and applying for jobs. Sometimes after lunch, we will go out a little while and run a few errands just to get out of the house. I can hardly wait to go grocery shopping once a week as it gives me a reason to put on a bra and jeans. Cabin fever is setting in.

One thing I have been enjoying is crocheting and watching Hallmark movies. 
The other day, I entered a giveaway on Instagram and won a skein of Yarn Bee SugarWheel Yarn. I would not usually buy this particular type of yarn myself as it has wool in it and wool makes me break out and itch. This yarn was a wool/ acrylic blend that fade in and out with colors of gray. It was easy to work with. I am now a fan and didn’t suffer any allergic reactions. 

With the yarn I won, I created this cute adult size hat using my favorite stitch called the lemon peel stitch (also called the grit stitch). It consist of a single stitch followed by a double stitch throughout. I love this stitch because it works up fast and has a chunky puff texture. I am currently working on a blanket using the same stitch. 

We have some little elf shoes on a string that we put on the tree every year. One of my daughters favorite things to do is make them the last ornament on the tree. Nick doesn't care to help us decorate the tree, but we always hand him the little elf shoes and he turns around backwards and throws the shoes on the tree. We choose to leave them where they land no matter how wonky they hang. It always makes us laugh. Now my daughter wants a set to throw on her own tree each year. I could not find another set likes ours so I figured I would make her something equivalent. I crocheted her this set of tiny mittens.

She can now make a wish and throw them on her tree like we always do with the elf shoes. 
They were so fun to make, I decided to make a couple more for friends. 

I have also been trying to learn to knit. I am not having any luck. As far as I can get is a few rows before I mess up and don’t know how to fix it unless I start over. I really would love to learn to knit but I have given up trying for a while.

Note: Crochet and Knit are two different things. Crochet uses one hook needle and knitting uses two long pointed needles. Knitting to me has a softer and prettier texture. 


  1. You always seem to create the cutest things. Beings I don't know anything about knitting and crocheting, I thought all stitches were the same. It is good for an old mind to learn something new, even if I don't know how to use the new 'wisdom.'
    Love from Florida,
    Sherry & jack

  2. The hat looks nice and warm and the mini mittens are so cute.
    I can knit and crochet but prefer to knit. I think that is because I learned to knit first when I was a little girl. Crocheting does go a lot faster than knitting.
    Still praying that the right job comes along for you!!!

  3. I can't knit or crochet! You do a great job at the crocheting. Love the little mittens! They're adorable.

  4. The hat your made came out beautiful Lisa! I have a hard time crocheting hats as they always come out looking like a shower cap LOL. I like the story of how your husband throws the ornament on the tree. I really like those cute mittens.

  5. Thats a great way to pass the time until you land the job of your dreams.
    I just sent you a Linkedin Connect request.

  6. That's a sweet tradition, and your mitten version is adorable!

  7. I too can only correct my knitting by pulling out and starting over. I am a much better crocheter. Most of my family knits so it has always been a strange situation. They don't get the disconnect of why I find needles so much harder than a hook.

    I do love the tradition and am glad you found a wool blend that you aren't allergic too.