Natures Christmas

I have been feeling pretty bummed that I have not gotten to go anywhere to see magnificent Christmas lights or Christmas towns this year. I love Christmas time and want to suck up every little light, Christmas carol and excited child I come across. But I’m alone on that. I have to get my thrills from riding around neighborhoods and admiring someones creativity here and there. My husband just doesn’t get in the Christmas mood like I wish he would. It makes the season rather humbug. Things perk up around Christmas Eve though and the mood changes a little. It’s ok. Christmas is not really all about that anyway.

The other day, we headed outside to rake leaves for the 2nd time this season. I threw on my worn out (Elmer Fudd) boots and headed outside. The sun was out and the temperatures were in the 50’s. Perfect for a little fresh air and yard work. I ended up raking a pile of leaves that lined the curb at the road. The leaf sucker truck will come by in a few days and suck them away. 

As I was raking, I had to stop for a moment and admire nature. Here I am pouting about not getting to ride miles down the road to sit in traffic for hours just to see commercial Christmas lights when all I had to do was look around where I was standing. I noticed that Nature itself provides it’s own Christmas show. I began to smile and my attitude began to change. God is my favorite artist. 

I spent a few moments looking up into the pine tree that leaned over our property line. The leaves were evergreen and smell of pine filled the air as the tiny pine cones held their posture. “That’s a Christmas tree”, I uttered under my breath. 

Evergreen trees are traditionally used as Christmas trees as a symbol of undying life. 

As I worked my way across the yard, I noticed the neighbors large holly tree at the corner of our yard. This was Mr. H’s tree. He and his wife both passed away this Summer. He always kept the tree trimmed back so it was rather large and unshaped this year. It was beautiful. I did not see a flawed leave and the berries were perfectly in their place. “This was a Christmas wreath”, I thought. The berries were like lights as they glistened in the sun.  

Holly is a traditional Christmas decoration as the sharp leaves represent the crown of thorns and the berries symbolized drops of blood of Jesus. Made into a wreath it symbolizes unending life. 

Nick was out for his morning walk and came across a tree that each year is full of reachable Mistletoe. He snatched a piece and walked in the door with a big grin on his face. 

This too symbolizes “Life that does not die”. However, the story behind mistletoe is mythological and believed to have mystical powers. This is where we get the “kissing under the mistletoe” rule. I like it. 

I would have never noticed the natural beauty of Christmas around me if I were still working every single day in an office like I had for the past 26 years. Though I have been stressed about finding a new job, I try to enjoy the beauty and find the blessing of the days I have without one. 


  1. Hi Lisa!
    I am a fan of Christmas decorations and always love to see the neighborhoods and what people do. I asked my sister about McAdenville as I have not seen that light display, but you do sit in traffic for ahwhile and Im not into that! Love that you enjoy your evergreen tree, pretty picture! and the Holly tree is pretty with the berries. ( We have one on the side of the house).
    Have a wonderful day!
    jess xx

  2. ahhh sweet lady, great post. Enjoyed every word. you are so right, GOD IS THE BEST ARTIST. Thanks for a sweet reminder. Love from the RV shop where we are skimming by on the generator as we await the repairman.
    Sherry & jack

  3. I love that you were able to go out in your yard and see such beauty in nature. I love it. I hope you enjoy the holiday season.

  4. Amazing what a little change in attitude can accomplish. : )
    Yes, I agree, God is the best artist.

  5. Grow where you are planted, right? Every now and then I have to remind myself that nothing I can buy on this earth is eternal. We truly give the stuff too much power over us. Or at least I do.

  6. Those boots aren’t even broken in yet)

    This post reminds me of a short video on gratitude that Jilda shared on Social Media.

  7. Hard to believe the season is upon us

  8. This is awesome, I just love holly, I wish I had some fresh close to me!