Two Ingredient Bagels

It’s a beautiful and cold Saturday morning. I was able to sleep in a little as I actually had a peaceful night of sleep. I woke up refreshed and ready to start the day. I trotted into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee, stepped on the scales and opened my ipad. This is pretty much how I start every day. 

While pondering on what to make for breakfast, I decided to try a recipe I had saved to my recipe board on Pinterest. 
“Two Ingredient Bagels”. 
I gathered the two things I needed. Self rising flour and Greek yogurt. I turned the oven to preheat then began mixing.

Once I had a dough made I was tempted to make biscuits but I had to talk myself out of it. I continued lightly kneeding the dough. I split the dough in half to create two dough balls. Flattening them out and making a hole in the center, I was spectacle if this was even going to work. I had my doubts.
I had a feeling this would be another Pinterest fail. 

My dough was formed and ready to pop into the oven. While the bagels cooked, I made a small spinach omlet to eat with my first cup of coffee. Eggs are my favortie protein to eat in the mornings and if the bagels did not work out, at least I would be satified. Except for wanting a biscuit. 

Twenty minutes later, I pulled two ugly bagels from the oven. 

I cut one in half and it seemed a little sticky in the middle so I popped them back into the oven for another five minutes. Afterwards, I cut the other bagel open and it still seemed raw and sticky in the middle. I just threw them down on the pan and gave up. I poured another cup of coffee and whined to Nick about my bagels. I was disappointed. 

So I went back to the bagels a few minutes later. The sticky centers seemed to have fixed themselves and looked like bread is suppose to look. It was no longer raw looking. Come to find out, I had cut them too quickly and the moisture from the steam made them doughy. 

After a spread of cream cheese, these little doughnuts bagels were delicious! I will make these again as they were so easy peasy a kid could make them. You can also use the same method to make pretzels or pizza crust. How about that? 

2 Ingredient Bagels
  • 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt (Fage brand is recommended for the right consistancy).
  • 1/2 cup self rising flour
Mix with a fork until a dough starts to form. With floured hands, lightly kneed the dough and form two balls (four if you want smaller bagels).
Place the dough on a greased cookie sheet or parchment paper. (Add egg wash and toppings such as sesame seeds or poppy seeds is optional). 
Bake 375 for 20-25 minutes. After they are baked, place on top rack and broil for two minute to make a browned crust on the top. 

NOTE: allow to cool some before slicing. 


  1. lisa, I have never heard of making bagels ..I love this simple recipe and I will try it. Kudos to you sweet girl. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. The bagels I made had to be boiled. My husband loves bagels and that is why I made them. He thought they were good but thought the ones from Panara's were just as good. So I never took the time to make them again.
    I think I'll give your recipe a try!

  3. Nice :) I'm from Montreal, so there is NO WAY I can make a good bagel anywhere near the real thing...I don't bother because we can get fresh bagels anywhere here, which is really nice because they are so yummy!

  4. If this had been posted anywhere else I wouldn't have believed you could make bagels with two ingredients. I am sending this along to my granddaughter who is the ultimate baker and "try-er" of baked goods. Thanks..they look a little bit like English muffins to me-which I happen to love. xo Diana

  5. (For Lisa’s)
    FUNNY THING being from the same area in NC, I had NEVER even heard the word Bagel until I was in my twenties I am sure it was after I heard of Pizza (1954). But Now Pizza is a favorite of ours and I do love the bagel and cream cheese. HOWEVER I would be too lazy to make my own. BUT you picking up that half LOOKS DELICIOUS! Yep that is a good shot.
    Good post young lady!
    Google Chrome would not let me comment. so I copied it and brought it over. LOL

  6. I love bagels ....never had a homemade one. We have a bagel shop not far from the house and they have all all the good creme cheese spreads. Yours sure looks good!

  7. You did a great job with making the bagels! I would like to try this recipe!

  8. Wow Lisa this looks so easy to make that I think I could even make these. I will have to try this out. Thanks I pinned the recipe to make them.