Sushi Stacks-Sort Of

I told my darling I would make dinner tonight. I had an idea I was wanting to try. The idea came to mind a couple days ago when my daughter called telling me about a delicious dinner she just had at some new resteraunt in town. She had a POKE BOWL. Basically it’s sushi in a bowl. You pick your meat and toppings and other stuff and they build it for you. 

Me and Nick both like sushi but none of the “Raw fish” or weird meat kind of sushi. We will choose sushi that consist of steamed crab meat, tempura (fried) shrimp or just vegetables (California Roll). 

I went online to find out how to make these “Poke” bowls and came across “Sushi Stacks” instead. This seemed like a better idea so I went to grocery store for some of the things I needed. I grabbed some premade extra sticky sticky rice. Sushi rice needs to be flavored with rice vinager and sugar so I grabbed some of that too. A cucumber, cream cheese, crabemeat and avacado minute later, I was ready to create a master piece. 

My poor husband.

This is what his dinner was suppose to look like. 



this is what his dinner really looked like.

Just pitiful. I tell ya.

I made two.

This is quite embarrassing, 

but I just needed to show everyone that food can’t look perfect all the time!! Ha!

I’m thinking I needed to press it harder in the dish bowl before I dumped it on the plate. 

It tastes ok.

I forgot to add the Avacado.

We ate our sushi stacks.

They were pretty good.

But somehow, a pizza appeared in the oven. 


  1. Not all meals look beautiful. As long as it tasted good thats what counts.

  2. Sushi is not top on my list of things to try. I have yet to try it. BUT, but it always looks 'neat' on display. I like a meal that is picture perfect, but for food, the beauty is on the tasting. ME? the pizza sounds good!

    Love from a beautiful day in Florida, hope you are warming up and staying dry!

  3. Daisy loves sushi, the only kind I've found that have been reasonable in price is at Aldi

  4. Hi Lisa, I think your version looks pretty good and it's so hard to make sushi and get the perfect photos sometimes of food! :0)

  5. Well, at least you gave it a try.
    Sushi is not something I eat. I'd much rather have had the pizza. : )

  6. It's not all about the looks, the taste is where it is at for me, and as far as sushi goes I would have been happy when the pizza magically appeared.

  7. Still looks good to me. I’ve only had sushi once and it was the raw kind. That made me skittish of that dish.
    Your’s, on the other hand, sounds like something I might enjoy.

  8. I don't eat sushi, but it looks like you did a good with the presentation!

  9. I bet they were yummy. I would have one :)