Natures Spring Preview

It’s been a long Winter so far. We have only had one good snow fall (which I'm not complaining) and the other days are dry and cold. The temperatures will go from the 50’s one day to the 30’s the next. Yes I struggle with what to wear each day. I can’t wait for spring to come so I can trade my sweaters and boots in for tshirts and flip flops. 

I was driving home yesterday with my heat on high as usual listening to the radio. Nothing struck my attention as I go the same ten minute route home everyday. Until I was turning into my driveway. I got a glimpse of something green waving at me through the corner of my eye. 
“What? Did I just see something growing in the dry dirt?” 
I parked the car in the carport and ran over to the naked and dry natural area in the yard. I saw spring! I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo. It was some little daffodils breaking ground and getting ready to bloom.  
This made me smile. Nick was standing at the door watching me. He questioned what I was doing. I showed him the pictures and think I saw him smile a little too. 

This reminded me that I needed to dig up a few of my day lilies. I promised one of my friends I would give her some of the bulbs. Those too were sprouting and I will get those ready and delivered to her this weekend.  I have a lot of the day lilies. They are old and admired for their tripple petal show they put on every year. 

How nice It was to get a Spring preview. I don’t care that Punxsutawney says. I think spring will be here soon. After all, he is just a groundhog, not a meteorologist. 


  1. I'M A LITTLE JEALOUS LISA NOT GONNA LIE!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha only kidding my spring is a long way off, we are under a thick layer of ice these days, uggghhh. Should be 40 at the weekend, perhaps I'll see the wood on the deck again? That would be nice! Meanwhile I'll live vicariously through you!

  2. Oh yes, I remember. We mostly follow spring so we seldom see any real cold weather. Oh yes, I wanted to thank you for the info on the Banana trees, YEP you are right they are doing like your yard plants, green is popping out from the frozen stems. I had cut them off down to the ground. Looks good. Also I had one sprig of a tomato plant survive. I am petting it.
    I know it is a great feeling to see the GREEN!
    Love from Florida!

  3. Nice that you got a glimpse of spring.
    Won't see that around here for quite a while yet.

  4. On Monday I noticed buds on some of the trees in the park. :]

    oak allergy season she is coming.

  5. That's great, hopefully your spring will come soon, there's nothing like seeing the buds pop out of the ground! :)

  6. Lovely- Spring is in the offing...nothing like that here until the end of April or the first of May. xo Diana

  7. seeing a tad bit of spring is wonderful, for sure.