Super Bowl Fun and Mishaps

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

We are not big football fans but we will usually watch our team play (Carolina Panthers) or whoever makes it to the Super Bowl. No party at my house, but I love how friends gather together with fancy foods and watch the game. It was cold and rainy so we just stayed in the comfort of our own home, alone.
We ordered some chinese food about an hour before the game. Then we got cozy in our den chairs and me with my crochet. We were ready for the game to start. 

I didn't want to miss the salutes and National Anthem.
At the start of any game or raceing, I love to hear the National Anthem sung. This is my favorite part. I also want to hear it sung correctly, so I will usually listen to the singer and judge him or her on how good or bad they sing it. Either way though, I love to hear it and it always gives me goose bumps and teary eyes. 
Pop singer “Pink” stood up to sing the anthem before the Super Bowl this year. I was a little spectacle. Even though she is a good singer, I just knew she would mess it up. To my surprise, she sang it almost perfect!! She also sang it while fighting the flu. I gave her two thumbs up. Good job. I am also proud to say that I did not see anyone on the field or in the stands take a knee during the salutes and anthem. I even saw some heads bowed in prayer. This made them all winners in my book.

Before the game, I also noticed some tears in some of the players eyes. I wondered if it was because of some sad news they may have heard about before kick off.
NFL Player Edwin Jackson of the Indianapolis Colts and his friend were killed by a drunk driver Sunday morning. He was only 26. And Im just gonna put this out there. "The drunk driver was an illegal immigrant".

The halftime show with Justin Timberlake was pretty good too. I like his singing ok but I like his acting better. I Also always like Prince and enjoyed the tribute Justin gave him.

Then my favorite part of the Super bowl, the commercials. The commercials used to be a lot better than they are now. Most of the commercials during this years superbowl were aimed toward the umcoming olympics or movie previews but there were a couple pretty good ones. 
Some of the commercials were just dumb and made no since to me. A couple of times I would look over at Nick and say “Did they really just pay millions of dollars to have that aired?”

There were two commercials that stuck in my head as I thought they were pretty good.

1. The Eli Manning and Odell Becham's “Dirty Dancing Commercial”.

2. The Toyota's "One Team" Commercial.

What were some of your favorite commercals, shows or plays during the Super Bowl? 


  1. I'm still getting over that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl lol. I'm still a proud member of Pats Nation! Congrats to the Eagles. That dirty dancing commercial was hilarious! That was so sad to hear about Edwin Jackson. Prayers for his loved ones.

  2. Meh. I'm not a 'Pat's Fan,' but I root for any team that plays the Eagles. I grew up a Dallas fan. That explains a lot. But then the Eagles were the first team to employ that despicable Michael Vick when he got out of that double ups my resentment. So now we have our Sundays and Monday nights free for a few months :]

  3. We watched the game, too, and I was happy to see the Eagles win this year rather than the Pats. I, too, watch it mostly for the commercials and half-time show when the Packers aren't playing. I thought Pink did an admirable job considering that she was sick with the flu all week....and I liked Timberlake's show, too. I know some were critical of the 'tribute' to Prince but I thought it was a nice way to honor him.

    I liked both those commercials, too. I also got a kick out of the Vikings in the Ram truck ad and the Danny DeVito as an M&M come to life lol

  4. Didn't watch the game. We don't have television.
    I get teary eyed hearing the National Anthem too.

  5. I like a close game no matter who is playing and this game did not disappoint in that respect. The two commercials that you mentioned above were really funny, and another note on the Toyota "One Team" commercial I thought it was perfect.

  6. A friend down the street told me the score. Yeah I like a close came also me'n Jimmy. But no we didn't watch the game. I actually forgot it. until I saw something on the net referring to this being the night. I asked Sherry if she wanted to watch. She said no. We have two TV's here in the motor home but seldom turn them on.
    Sherry is better entertainment! ;-)

  7. it's the only football game i watch all year. i usually route for the underdog, so the eagles didn't disappoint. i agree pink did a good job with the anthem. i liked the alexa lost her voice commercial and we're all on one team one.

  8. I never forgave the Patriots after beating the Panthers in their first Superbowl. So I love seeing them LOSE.