Cow Baby Blanket

I'm excited to announce that I get to be a great aunt in December to a little boy.

My Nephew and his wife have been married for two years now and decided to add a baby in the mix. Baby Colton is suppose to arrive on Christmas Eve according to the due date given by the doctor. 

They held a baby shower at her parents home. It was a fun drop in to shower. The theme she chose for her nursery was farm animals. This fits them perfect. They are about as country as you can get. the mom works for an equine vetenary. It's not odd to see her tending to a cow or horse weather it be a calm petting or helping one give birth. 

Putting all of this in perspective, I found it fitting to make baby Colton something farm related. I recently learned to crochet a corner to corner stitch and wanted to create a blanket for the new baby. 

I made one with a “cow” print. 

I like how it turned out but wish I had made it a little larger. This one measures about 30x30. It will make a great lap or stroller blanket. With the nursery theme, it will look good draped over the crib as well. Ok, really, I'm just in love with the "black and white" of it all. 
This was the only crochet blanket I saw in all of her gifts. It was a party hit. 

It was crazy in the making. I had yarn everywhere as I had to keep starting a new color. I got tangled several times. I had no clue what I was doing or what I had gotten myself into. 

It finally worked itself out. It was an absolute challenge. 

This is another one of those things I probably would never make again.

I added some extra things to go with the blanket.
I found a cute onesie and loved how well it paired with the cow blanket.
I also added one of my crocheted wooded baby teethers. You can find more of these in my Etsy shop if you want a natural handmade teether. 

The shower was nice. There were lots of goodies and cake to snack on along with lots of fun and laughter with family and friends.
I look forward to meeting my new Nephew. I hope he comes before Christmas so we will have a new baby around at Christmas gatherings.
The wait is on.

The pattern I used for the blanket was actually a pattern for a dishcloth. You can find it HERE
Using the same graph, the corner to corner stitch multiplied it by 4 then I added a few extra rows in the center to make it at least 30x30. 


Chili Time and Zombie

Fall is starting to show its chilly side here in North Carolina. The wake up weather has been down in the 40’s. Brrrrr. I’m not a fan. The only thing I like about Fall is the smell and colors. I’ll admit though that do I love snuggling in a blanket and warm drinks. But that’s it.

Speaking of Chilly. I mentioned to my husband it was about time for some of his homemade chili with beans. I am lucky to have snagged up a man that can cook. He made a trip to Food Lion Grocery store and bought the things he needed to whip up a pot of chili. Our daughter loves his chili too. This is the only way we can get her to eat beans. She will come for a visit this weekend, so I jarred her up some to take back home with her.

He makes chili beans using ground turkey instead of beef. I like the turkey meat better. There is no difference in the taste. The turkey is leaner, healthier and you never have to worry about biting into a piece of gristle. 

Fall weather also brings out the goooley things like halloween themed foods and drinks. Today, Nick drove me across town StarBucks. I ordered the Zombie Frappuccino. Though I would have rather had a hot drink, I wanted to try one of these gross looking drinks. It was actually good.

It’s made with green carmel apple flavor, dark chocolate mocha, and brains (pink whip). It tasted just like a caramel apple. I love anything caramel. 

I never eat real caramel or candy apples. If you have ever bit into a rotten apple hidden by candy, you wouldn’t eat one either. 

Later we headed next door to the nieghbors who were having a halloween get together. We didn't stay but a few minutes and I left with loaded pockets of candy. Ha! 

Now I’m calling it a day. I have church in the morning and a shower to attend in the afternoon, but not before I enjoy a bowl of left over chili. Nite.

When All Else Fails

Hey yall. I’m sorry im slagging on my blog post. I’m trying to get my blogging mojo back on. 

I just haven't felt like thinking. You may even notice my comments on your blog post have been a bit short. I’m still here. I still read everyones blog post weather I comment or not. Just know im reading. I’ve just wasting too much time worrying about my health issues. Most of you already know, but I am currently fighting two issues going on. For the record, I’m healthy, not sick and nothing serious is wrong with me. 

For over a year now, I have suffered ear ringing (Tinnitus). It gets so annoying at times I could scream. At a low it sounds like a radio out of tune on an AM station. (Haha thats bad). On a high, it sounds like a freight train applying it’s brakes, but never seems to run over me. It causes me to be dizzy at times and just last weekend, I had another episode of verigo that lasted for hours. Sickening! The doctor just says I have to learn to live with it. 

Then the chest pains. What used to come and go as spasms since July, now are pretty constant all day long and my whole front chest feels like I’ve been kicked by Bruce Lee. I have had every test possible to try and find a cause but they all come up normal. EKG, xray, ultra sound, gallbladder hida scan, stress test and even an endoscopy. The doctors just shrug their shoulders and call it acid reflux, give me Prilosec and send me away. 

So, when all else fails, I listen to my friends and family. “Go see a Chiropractor” they say. 
The thought of that scares the bajezus out of me. But I caved after my last vertigo episode and made an appointment.

First visit to the Chiropractor was yesterday. He saw I was nervous and said he'd take it easy on me and wouldn’t pop anything today. I laid on a bed with a back roller for 15 minutes. He talked with me and actually listened to my problem. He did an xray of my neck and back and pointed out that my neck was too straight and didnt have the normal cervical curve. 

Then he pointed out that I have a compressed c6 disk. These issues could be causing both my ear and chest problem due to the pressure on my spine. He did lots of smashing and poking around. He said I’d be sore and gave me some bio freeze samples.....

I mean, just how sore was I gonna be? Yikes....

Well today I was pretty sore! I went for my second appointment and he popped and twisted some things, sent me home and wants to see me again Monday. 
I hope this works. I mean, If all else fails, try something new. Right? 

Camping Flag

One of our favorite ways to vacation is by camping in our travel trailer at our favorite campground. Once we get there we get the camper leveled out, sewer hooked up and wheels chocked. While my husband is busy doing those things, Im on the inside putting linens on the bed and gettting the purties in place. Once we have done our part setting up the camper, I will hang our name sign up, cover the picnic table and attach the clothesline. 

Everyone in the campground shows off their name and where they are from. We currently have a sign in the shape of an ice cream cone that my father in law made for us when we first started camping as a married couple. It’s beginning to weather and fade. We let the daughter repaint it once already. 

Next time we settle in at the campground, I have something new to mark our spot.
A camping flag

We have some friends we met when our daughter was in high school. We both had daughters in sports, therefore we were all members of the booster club. 

They own an embroider shop called New Era Embroidery  We have drifted apart the past couple years after they have become grandparents and life got busy. We rarely see them anymore unless we run into each other at the bank.
Well, now their daughter has gotten busy. She creates lovely things with screen printing from the same business. You can find her facebook page HERE. Stop by and tell her hello sometime and like her fb page while your at it.

I noticed the other day that one of the things she creates are custom made garden flags. I have been looking for someone thats does this kind of work and was delightd to know she was the one. 

I drew up a not so fancy draft of what I wanted it to say then asked her to add a little camper in the center.  She worked on the design and after a couple minor changes, she emailed me a photo. “Is this what you want?” 
“perfect” Thats just what I asked for. 

We had a fall festival uptown Saturday and she had a booth set up there. I stopped by and picked up my new flag. I cant wait to show it off when I get back down to my “Wheel Estate” on the sand. 

Halloween Craft Ideas

I’ve made several crafts for Halloween through the years. 
Today im short on words so I’m just sharing some links to my favorite creations.

Most of these were made free with things laying around the house or less than 5.00.


Cheese Cloth Ghost. Fun and easy. This is my most favorite.

Book Pumpkin Just grab an old book

DIY Mummies With just a couple whatnots

Painted Pumpkins fun with My daughter

Cheese Pumpkins delicious and easy

Lace Pumpkin Panty hose here yall

Bundt Pan Wreath Grandmas pan.

Fish Net For A Mermaid

My daughter and her friends start thinking about what they want to dress up as for Halloween as early as March. Yea, I don’t really get it but obviously it’s a big deal. Needless to say, every year they never really come up with anything until the first of October. 

I never bought my daughter Halloween costumes when she was growing up. I always managed to create a great costume from craft or thrift store finds. She’s been everything from a bowl of spaghetti to Cat in the Hat. When she got older, she bought a couple on her own dime but that was short lived.

Shes always wanted to be a mermaid. We were just never able to create one that she thought was flattering. This year is no different. “Mom, I still want to be a mermaid”. Shes 26 by the way. 

She found some ideas online that seemed easy to accomplish (less material too). Lord help. 
Anyway, she asked if I would look for her a fishing net at the beach. She wants to use it as a wrap around her skirt. I gave it a thumbs up because more coverage, the better. 

Though I looked around the beach when I was there for a fish net, I didn't find one light enough for her to use. I told her “Ill just crochet you a net and if you dont like it, you can go to Hobby Lobby craft store and buy one”. 
She agreed to give me a chance. 

So for the past few days, little by little, I whipped up a fish net wrap. Then I had to kill the acrylic to give it more form and softness. 
(killing acrylic is simply applying a moist towel over your flattened out crochet and iron over the towel. The heat and steam kills the scratchy thick acrylic and gives the crochet a flat and silky feel and the project keeps its shape)

I like how it turned out. The best part was picking up shells from the beach last week to finish it off.

Weather she chooses to use it or not, I asked if she will give it up to me after Halloween so I can maybe use it at my beach spot. That’s if it last through the halloween parties! 

Though we never go out on Halloween, I like to dress up for the fun of it and visit neighbors. 
I did attend a halloween wedding last year and dressed like Wednesday from the Adams Family. 
You can see me as Wednesday here
This year I might be Pee Wee Herman. 
Do you dress up? If so, what do you plan to dress up like?

The Witch Is In

One of my sweet blog friends,  Diana at “Nana Diana Takes a Break” has started a new blog. Her new blog is called “A Cottage on The Cove”.

In her new blog she talks about all the pretty things she has for sale in her new Etsy shop.
Boy isn't she getting into things? You should go visit her Etsy shop Here, but not until you finish reading my post!

To get things started on her new blog and shop adventures, she held a giveaway. The prize was “Hilda the Witch”. To be fair, She let one of her grand children draw a random name to announce the winner. Guess what? The winner was me! I was so excited! 

Yesterday the witch arrived on the cardboard express. My husband sent me a text picture of the package. “The witch is in”.

Once I got home from work, I tore the box open to reveal the ugliest witch. Ha! That's a good thing right? Also in the box was some really cool handmade items, candy and trinkets. 

I found a place to display each piece. I just adore the handmade velvet pumpkin and cigar box diorama. More of these can be found in her shop. You should see the pink pumpkins! Oh my!

Hilda is an ugly witch but makes a good brew while standing on my mantle. I think I’ve rearranged it about twenty times. 

I stopped before she got mad. She likes where she stands. She is frozen tired from traveling from Wisconsin to North Carolina.

Now head over to one of Diana's blogs and say hello. Don't for get to give her shop a visit too! 

Thanks again Diana!!!
and the candy is gone!

Creepy Crawly Foggy

As usual, my fit bit gave me three vibrate alarms to my wrist while I was curled comfortably in our little full size bed.

I peeled back the covers and got going with my daily morning routines. I ripped open a Nutrisystem muffin and threw some egg whites on the griddle, then straight to the coffee maker. As I poured myself a cup of coffee, I pulled back the curtains to catch the sunrise. Not today. It was foggy and 72 degrees.

The yard looked creepy as the fog and morning dew lit up all the spider webs like little lazer beams. First, let say, I am freaked out by spiders, so if I run into one, I will show the whole neighborhood my ninja moves. It aint pretty. 

Staring out the window, my eyes were glued to a large unique web on the grass. I grabbed my phone and ran out to the patio. I analyzed my path through the yard. Webs were everywhere! I tipped toed through the yard dodging webs like I was in a James Bond movie. I got to the web and zoomed in on my shot.

The web was amazing and there was a sider sitting in the center cone waiting on his prey. For now on, I will keep in mind that these are all over the yard, but unless it’s a morning like this, I will not see them.

Later I headed to work. The fog was so heavy, I felt like I was driving through a street party on Jamaican pride day. 

Harvest Moon And Sunrise

Well I'm back from the beach and it’s back to the work grind. After spending nice quality time with my love, its hard to come back to the reality of getting up and going to work the next day. 

The East coast beach is nice in October. Last year it was cold in October. This time it stayed in the 80’s. We didn’t have to pull out the little electric heater at night. In fact the air condition cycled as if it were the middle of July. 

One night we were out shopping at the outlets when I noticed across the parking lot, a big orange ball in the sky. “ Awe! It’s the Autumn moon! We must get to the ocean!” I said with excitement. So we took off running to the car like two kids running from a clown. The ocean was only two blocks away. 

We didn't get there fast enough. We parked at the camper, and took off running to the shore. The moon had already turned ivory. That didn't stop us from admiring its beauty. It was perfect. 

I would have loved being on that boat out at sea. (See the tiny little boat light?)

When we awoke the next morning I could see the sun was rising as the darkness was slipping away. 
“Thats it! I said to myself. “ I’m not missing this one!” I threw on some yoga pants, put my hair in a hat, slid on my flip flops and ran out to the ocean. What a sight I saw! 

The sun took the place of the moon as it hung there long enough for me to focus in on a few shots. When I came back to the camper, Nick knew what I had been up too and we both just smiled as he fixed me a cup of coffee. 

I cant wait to get back to that place in the spring.

Im Here

Im here. Trying to catch up on blog readings and itching to write a new post.
But Im on a beach and the internet sucks. I have seen the harvest moon over the ocean, lots of sun and the weather is warm.
I’ve done lots of walking with my love and tore into some crab legs on ocean drive. 
It’s bike week (again) here so the roar of motorcycles fill the air. 

Ill catch up later. Im heading out for another walk and looking at wheelestate. 
Maybe an ice cream cone too.
Even though it is just 10:00am on a Saturday. 

Birthday Baked Apples

My daughter has gotten to celebrate her birthday all week! Her birthday was September 23rd. She turned 26. We went to her town and took her out to breakfast on her birthday. We also gave her a couple gifts and a cheese cake. She was booked up with plans with her friends the rest of that weekend and the next. The soonest we could get family together to celebrate her birthday was this past weekend.

The birthday girl complained that she got every kind of cake for her birthday except her favorite. We asked “what kind of cake would that be?” She answered, “birthday cake!” She likes white cake with white buttercream icing. Of course, as her mom, I knew that. 

The family piled in after church for a birthday dinner. Me and Nick spent all morning in the kitchen preparing the food. The menu consist of bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese, slaw, squash casserole, green beans, rolls and baked apples. The apples were a last minute decision as I wanted to have a Fall themed dinner. 

There is something about the aroma of baked apples. They were a treat that went over good and made my house smell like a country bakery. 

I grabbed some New York apples because they were cheap. 

I would have much rather had honey crisp apples but they were tripple the price. The New York apples worked just fine.

I carefully cored out the centers and removed all the seeds and any hard stuff. Then I trimmed the peeling from the edges. Usually this will keep the skin from splitting and keeps the apples in tact. That didnt really work by the way. 

Next I stuffed each hole with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins and pecans and butter.  I baked them until they were soft. They are great as a side or add ice cream to make it a delicious dessert. 

We were expecting twelve people for dinner but ended up with only eight. Needless to say we had lots of leftovers. We are those people that over prepare so nothing runs out. We make sure everyone can have as many helpings as they want. 

The food was great and YES, the girl got her Birthday cake with plenty to take home to share with her friends.

Another Cat!

This is the 2nd stray cat found around the office. The first one was a few weeks ago. I found it in a storm drain. We found it a home that afternoon.

Last week one of the guys here at work parked and got out of his car to the sound of a kitten cry somewhere under the frame. After a few searches, a small tiny kitten was found . It had somehow rode to work snuggle inside his wheel fender. 

Again, we searched for someone to take it home and made post on social media advertising a free kitten!
No one came to its rescue. No one is interested in a stray tabby.

I guess we have an office cat now. Still not sure if its a male or female but we named it Odessa. The first few days it was timid, scared and cried a lot. I am the only one that it would come too and it still favors me. I’m also the one that feeds it when I come into the office in the mornings. 

It’s been over a week now and it seems to be getting a little more comfortable around here. Though it constantly wants me to hold it, I just can’t. My allergies are already acting up. However, I will take a several moments out of my day and play with it and other times I keep my front office closed off so it doesn't sneak in. It’s learning to trust other employees as they are in and out all day and reach down to give it a pat on the head.

I can’t wait for it to grow up so its not as needy. I’m also hoping it will take care of the spiders here in the office as they are big enough to wear boots!