Im Here

Im here. Trying to catch up on blog readings and itching to write a new post.
But Im on a beach and the internet sucks. I have seen the harvest moon over the ocean, lots of sun and the weather is warm.
I’ve done lots of walking with my love and tore into some crab legs on ocean drive. 
It’s bike week (again) here so the roar of motorcycles fill the air. 

Ill catch up later. Im heading out for another walk and looking at wheelestate. 
Maybe an ice cream cone too.
Even though it is just 10:00am on a Saturday. 


  1. i envy your location. enjoy every moment.

  2. The spotie internet can be a problem, but a small one, if on the outside there is a BEACH. Hope you are getting some relief physically also.
    Love from Florida!

  3. Enjoy the beach.
    Internet here at my house isn't so great either lately. It comes and goes. Trying to get caught up on blog reading too.

  4. Congratulations for winning Diana's giveaway, although you don't need her old witch to make you look any better. The ocean would be would be better than here in Georgia since it's been raining for 2 days. Have fun biking.

  5. So great to have found your blog through Diana. Yay on your giveaway win!! I'll be back for another visit!