Halloween Craft Ideas

I’ve made several crafts for Halloween through the years. 
Today im short on words so I’m just sharing some links to my favorite creations.

Most of these were made free with things laying around the house or less than 5.00.


Cheese Cloth Ghost. Fun and easy. This is my most favorite.

Book Pumpkin Just grab an old book

DIY Mummies With just a couple whatnots

Painted Pumpkins fun with My daughter

Cheese Pumpkins delicious and easy

Lace Pumpkin Panty hose here yall

Bundt Pan Wreath Grandmas pan.


  1. Those are all fun ideas-quick and cute and inexpensive. I just love those ghosts---aren't they CUTE!!!! I have to look at that recipe for the cheesy pumpkins, too. xo Diana

  2. those are all cute, clever halloween ideas and budget friendly.

  3. That cheese cloth ghost is too cute to be scary!

  4. Wonderful ideas, Lisa. Hope your week is going great :)

  5. I'm making those cheese pumpkin thingies as soon as I get the block of cheese...yum