Creepy Crawly Foggy

As usual, my fit bit gave me three vibrate alarms to my wrist while I was curled comfortably in our little full size bed.

I peeled back the covers and got going with my daily morning routines. I ripped open a Nutrisystem muffin and threw some egg whites on the griddle, then straight to the coffee maker. As I poured myself a cup of coffee, I pulled back the curtains to catch the sunrise. Not today. It was foggy and 72 degrees.

The yard looked creepy as the fog and morning dew lit up all the spider webs like little lazer beams. First, let say, I am freaked out by spiders, so if I run into one, I will show the whole neighborhood my ninja moves. It aint pretty. 

Staring out the window, my eyes were glued to a large unique web on the grass. I grabbed my phone and ran out to the patio. I analyzed my path through the yard. Webs were everywhere! I tipped toed through the yard dodging webs like I was in a James Bond movie. I got to the web and zoomed in on my shot.

The web was amazing and there was a sider sitting in the center cone waiting on his prey. For now on, I will keep in mind that these are all over the yard, but unless it’s a morning like this, I will not see them.

Later I headed to work. The fog was so heavy, I felt like I was driving through a street party on Jamaican pride day. 


  1. I've seen plenty of those webs around too.
    I like walking in foggy mornings but not so much if I have to drive in it.

  2. I enjoyed the read. I especially had a vision of the ninja moves. LOL That was a neat shot!
    Be good.

  3. Oh yes, I've seen these before also. Be careful driving in all that fog!

  4. Like Jack I can just picture your ninja moves amongst the webs ha ha

    Nice shot of the web in the yard.

  5. I saw a spider on my car's roof not long ago. I'm too freaked out unless they are really close to my skin