Cow Baby Blanket

I'm excited to announce that I get to be a great aunt in December to a little boy.

My Nephew and his wife have been married for two years now and decided to add a baby in the mix. Baby Colton is suppose to arrive on Christmas Eve according to the due date given by the doctor. 

They held a baby shower at her parents home. It was a fun drop in to shower. The theme she chose for her nursery was farm animals. This fits them perfect. They are about as country as you can get. the mom works for an equine vetenary. It's not odd to see her tending to a cow or horse weather it be a calm petting or helping one give birth. 

Putting all of this in perspective, I found it fitting to make baby Colton something farm related. I recently learned to crochet a corner to corner stitch and wanted to create a blanket for the new baby. 

I made one with a “cow” print. 

I like how it turned out but wish I had made it a little larger. This one measures about 30x30. It will make a great lap or stroller blanket. With the nursery theme, it will look good draped over the crib as well. Ok, really, I'm just in love with the "black and white" of it all. 
This was the only crochet blanket I saw in all of her gifts. It was a party hit. 

It was crazy in the making. I had yarn everywhere as I had to keep starting a new color. I got tangled several times. I had no clue what I was doing or what I had gotten myself into. 

It finally worked itself out. It was an absolute challenge. 

This is another one of those things I probably would never make again.

I added some extra things to go with the blanket.
I found a cute onesie and loved how well it paired with the cow blanket.
I also added one of my crocheted wooded baby teethers. You can find more of these in my Etsy shop if you want a natural handmade teether. 

The shower was nice. There were lots of goodies and cake to snack on along with lots of fun and laughter with family and friends.
I look forward to meeting my new Nephew. I hope he comes before Christmas so we will have a new baby around at Christmas gatherings.
The wait is on.

The pattern I used for the blanket was actually a pattern for a dishcloth. You can find it HERE
Using the same graph, the corner to corner stitch multiplied it by 4 then I added a few extra rows in the center to make it at least 30x30. 



  1. You are special kin to your family, you seem to be able to MAKE anything, and make it work. I love the cowboy blanket. Neat idea. I don't see how you do it, the stuff you come up with is NEAT! Ok.. Cool!

    1. Thanks Jack. Sometimes I surprise myself and wonder how I did it too. Haha

  2. WOW! That was really a LABOR of love---get baby...nevermind. I love how it turned out--just a sweet personalized gift. You hardly ever see crocheted,knitted items at baby showers anymore. I think it is becoming a lost art. Love the tee-shirt, too. Hope you have a great week, Lisa! xo Diana

    1. In was surprised that mine was the only crochet gift. Lost art- thats what my husband told me too.

  3. The blanket turned out really nice.
    I like the farm animals theme idea.

    1. I like the farm animal theme too. Remindes me of my old play school barn and animals toy from when I was young.

  4. Congratulations! And this tuned out wonderfully and the rattle is too cute! I don't knit but I use to work for the publishers of Vogue Knitting and I have learned a lot about knitting and use to over see photo shoots for yarn and knitting tools.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    1. Thank you! What a fun job you had! I checked out your website and ended up following you on Twitter. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Hi Lisa, oh wow you did a great job making the blanket. I love the colors with the black and white! I bet that was a real challenge and I really hope they love it. thanks for sharing this at C&C with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo