Harvest Moon And Sunrise

Well I'm back from the beach and it’s back to the work grind. After spending nice quality time with my love, its hard to come back to the reality of getting up and going to work the next day. 

The East coast beach is nice in October. Last year it was cold in October. This time it stayed in the 80’s. We didn’t have to pull out the little electric heater at night. In fact the air condition cycled as if it were the middle of July. 

One night we were out shopping at the outlets when I noticed across the parking lot, a big orange ball in the sky. “ Awe! It’s the Autumn moon! We must get to the ocean!” I said with excitement. So we took off running to the car like two kids running from a clown. The ocean was only two blocks away. 

We didn't get there fast enough. We parked at the camper, and took off running to the shore. The moon had already turned ivory. That didn't stop us from admiring its beauty. It was perfect. 

I would have loved being on that boat out at sea. (See the tiny little boat light?)

When we awoke the next morning I could see the sun was rising as the darkness was slipping away. 
“Thats it! I said to myself. “ I’m not missing this one!” I threw on some yoga pants, put my hair in a hat, slid on my flip flops and ran out to the ocean. What a sight I saw! 

The sun took the place of the moon as it hung there long enough for me to focus in on a few shots. When I came back to the camper, Nick knew what I had been up too and we both just smiled as he fixed me a cup of coffee. 

I cant wait to get back to that place in the spring.


  1. Beautiful Lisa. I miss the ocean. I use to go to Florida every Feb. I saw where you won the witchy poo from Nana Diana. :) Congrats . Sweetheart, please try to enjoy your days at work....honestly once you retire , don't laugh, but you will miss somethings about working. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  2. Just beautiful. Dawn and dusk are my favourite times of day - and being at the ocean makes both of them better.

  3. Only on special occasions do I see a rising sun. BUT, Suns and moons are beautiful. At times they produce fantastic shots. YOu did well. Both in the describing and the pictures.
    I love it when you speak of your mutual LOVE! NICE! It can last forever!

  4. something about a sunrise or sunset. and the moon shining over the water. hope you get back to the beach again soon.

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    (Yesterday our temp was 'feels like 98'

  6. Beautiful sunrise. Sure worth getting up to see the morning sky. My favorite time of day.

  7. I miss our beach condo!!

  8. Hi Lisa ~ Coming over from Diana's blog. Enjoyed your profile, and your post. I'm a beach lover myself. Don't live by it now, but had six years in Santa Barbara in 70's when my dearest Pastored a little Missionary Church there.

    Could see you running to the beach to catch that harvest moon.....sorry you missed it but you got a good shot of the silvery moon, and a great sunrise.

    I have to agree with Susie...Retired life is great, but some of the accomplishments, and appreciation of a job well done is missed in retirement.

    But the nice part. Every morning I can either "roll out" or "roll over", most of the time it's the latter. HaHa.

    Come by and visit me ~ Would live to get to know you.

  9. Lisa, I will be heading down to the beach on October 21 and I can't wait!! I am so excited! We usually go down 4 times a year, but things didn't work out too well for us this year, first trip it was so cold and we had problems with the hot water heater. Called Camper Country for repairs, but they sent out Frick and Frack and they didn't seem to have a clue, so we just came home. May trip got cancelled, so this will be my only real trip this year. Glad you and Nick had such a good time.

  10. Oh I love the Ocean, I'm not one to get in it anymore, but I do enjoy walking along the shore barefoot and letting the waves roll over my toes.
    Beautiful photo's. Wish I was there!