Flannel Recycled

The temperature is up in the 70's again this week but we had some cool days in October where the temperatures here in the Carolinas dropped down into the 40's. The leaves have begun falling and the smell of burning chimneys fill the air. This is a reminder to me that Summer is over, so I'm putting away my tank tops and flip flops and replacing them with long sleeves and boots.

I asked my husband to pick me up a couple large flannel shirts from the thrift store when he got a notion to visit one. So of course he did and I came home from work to see a couple flannel shirts in the pile of laundry ready to wash.

I do not wear flannel shirts. I do not like any shirt with a collar. But I wanted these shirts to wear another way. I wanted a scarf.

I cut the shirt in half from under the sleeves to make a warm, light weight circled scarf to wear. I left the buttons on and sewed a hem around the edges which was optional. 

Speaking of "sew", that's a story in itself. I can not sew and seeing me try to do it, is rather comical. I just can't do it. It took me all night to figure out how to lace the cotton picken sewing machine! I had to call mom. Shes a professional seamstress. Being that I am a vision learner, I had to eventually google it. Then I ended up jamming the bobbin. That did me in. I was getting ill and grumpy. My husband told me to move and he would fix it. Let me tell you, this man can do anything. He is the best! 

He was all into getting this machine in working order for me. I warned him that it was not a Ford. Long story short, he got the bobbin loose and all the other guts fixed that I had tore apart and I finally got it sewing. I even think I did a perfect seam. I finished the scarf in no time after that.

I like my little recycled scarf.
It’s like wearing a little hug around my neck.

The scarf goes well paired with the matching cup cozy.

You see what I did there?

Now I am ready to tackle the cold, but don't ask me to tackle sewing a dress any time soon.

Down Town Dinner

Today I’m gonna take you to a little place in down town Belmont. Belmont is a little town outside of Charlotte that has a southern charm.

I grew up in Belmont but rarely visited down town. If I can remember right, back in the 80’s, it was rather a ghost town. Nothing happening. The mall, skating rinks, arcades and mini golf were all in the next town over, so that's where I spent most of my time back then.

The town has since florished with restraunts, bars and shops.

Me and my husband had just left a visit to the chiropractor, which is in Belmont. It was getting past our supper time and we were thinking of a place to eat. We normally go back and forth on where to eat leaving the other to answer. Before that argument broke out, I mentioned a little place down town called Sammy’s Pub. It’s a nice little neighbor pub with a variety of foods and drinks.

We were quickly seated and the wait staff was friendly, chirpy and welcoming. They acted as if they had known us forever. Even the people and families inside eating were all smiles. The bar off to the side was full of people having fun with friends, laughing, meeting and having a good time. You can tell they had just gotten off work and wanted to wind down.  

Nick ordered the special- Grilled Salmon BLT.

I went lite and ordered the Southwestern egg rolls.

In no time at all, our plates were in front of us. The food was delicious. We were happy customers. 

During the drive home we talked about how good Sammy’s was and agreed to go back again soon. We also talked about how nice it would be if our current home town was as nice as Belmont had become. It felt good to be able to walk down the street, to and from our car, without being approached by pan handlers and drug dealers. Yes, the town I live in now is bad for that. Our city wants to improve things but there is hardly any way for the town to thrive as long as there is a homeless shelter in the center of it. 

We plan to revisit Sammy's and take our daughter next time. We also seen other eating places to try. Belmont is a great place to be with an inviting atmosphere whether its taking the kids to the park, a stroll down the street or going for a jog with friends. 

Now I want to live there again.