Weekend Getaway

Well, It's back to reality now. The weekend is over. Me and Nick took a nice little weekend getaway. As usual, we took off to the beach. This is our home away from home.

We were not going to go until Thursday last week but Nick called the reservation office to see if we could come down on Wednesday instead. "No problem" they said. So I skipped out of work early on Wednesday and we headed out for the anxious 4 hour drive. 

The first day it was rather chilly and cloudy with the temperatures dipping down into the 50s. We put on our jackets and went for a walk. It was nice. 

Every morning I would open the camper door to these two guys looking up at me waiting on a snack. 


Not sure why they chose my camper out of the hundreds there but I enjoyed the company as I sat outside enjoying my morning coffee. They like potato chips. 

With no rain in the weekend forecast,  Nick contacted our camper washer crew to come give her a good wash and wax on the cloudy day.
The rest of the weekend was beautiful, sunny and warm. The temperatures reach the high 80's and I got a little sun crispy. Not burnt. Just crisp. Haha.

Saturday night we didn't go out to eat dinner, instead we had a pizza delivered, then ran out to the ocean to see the large red full moon glistening off the water. 


Our cameras would not capture such the site that we saw, but you may get the idea. 


  1. Who DOESN'T like potato chips?

  2. Cute ducks. They came to your door because you were the one who fed them. : )

  3. I read, "It's back to reality now." Then I see a picture of those two guys.
    One has to wonder.

  4. potato chips sound appetizing. who knew ducks like them? the moon looks lovely illuminating the water like that.

  5. If it is company, then Donald & Daisy are good company. Love the moon shot. Sounds like a great time. NICE ;-)

  6. Glad you had such a good weekend. That moon was beautiful!