To Market To Market

It's that time of year! The farmers around here gather a truck load of crop and head out to sell there stock.

I love going to the farmers market. It used to be a cheaper alternative to buy produce but they dont give much slack anymore. It's ok, I know my money goes to help local farmers and the veggis are fresh. 

Our daughter was home, so we got up early. I grabbed my market tote and we headed down town to the farmers Market. 

"I want some cucumbers and squash" I said on the way there.
"I want some good tomatoes" said Nick.
Then a voice from the back seat says " I want macaroons from the french bakery!" 
Me and Nick just looked at each other then realized there was a little set up that looked like a little french bakery that sold fresh pastries.
Personally, I think her intentions is the cute young boy behind the counter every season. 


We grabbed a few of the things we needed and headed home. 
This little piggy purchased some cucumbers and couple red and green tomatoes.
This little piggy (nick) came home with some homemade chow chow and pickles, 
and the third little piggy came home with none.
She didn't see any macaroons in the bakery this time. 

And we went "wee wee wee"  all the way home.

Once we got home,we enjoyed some fried green tomatoes with lunch. They were delicious! 

I hope to go back again next weekend and get some more fresh veggies. It was crowded and hard to really look. Also, They were actually running low on things by the time we got there.


  1. I have never tried fried green tomatoes. Some day...
    And I love farmer's markets. They aren't much cheaper here either, but soooooo much fresher.

  2. I've never had friend green tomatoes either.
    Always nice to shop at a farmers market.

  3. I do like a farmers market, and I do love Fried Green Tomatoes, my mouth almost watered when you mentioned them ha ha.

  4. Our produce is coming in now. I B SOOO happy. There's a great farmer's market in Birmingham we love going there.

  5. We have 2 BIG farmers markets in San Francisco.

  6. I do love fried Green tomatoes. We seldom get to a farmer's market here in NC, but do love fresh veggies. We shop the Farmer's markets in Florida BUT honestly they are NEVER as good as the NC produce. I think the reason most veggies in Florida are made to ship, they are hybrids (or something) and the tomatoes taste like wet paper at times, and I love a good tomato sandwich. Sounds like you guys had a good time except the piggy that came home with none. LOL

  7. PS: OH but when we are lucky enough to be around Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, in Amish country. The Corn and tomatoes ARE out of this world good.

  8. I never really go to them. The closest is walking by the ones at the flea market, but no thanks to that kind of produce. Aldi has really insane deals on produce

  9. fried green tomatoes sound good. a shame there were no macaroons.