Strawberry Season

Well, they say now is strawberry season.
Here is how it's going for me.


One ripe strawberry.

I bought a strawberry plant from Lowes back in the spring and planted it in a big pot in hopes to have some strawberries by Summer.


I have been watching it grow beautifully into a mature strawberry plant full of white flowers ready to give fruit. At times I could grab handfuls of tiny white berries waiting to ripen. 


I finally saw a ripe strawberry ready to pick. But it was short lived. As soon as I took some bragging pictures, it was gone.

I walked into the house to send my sister a picture of my lovely little strawberry.
As I was typing, I looked out the window to get another glimpse of my gardening trophy. But instead, I saw a squirrel holding it in both hands enjoying a sweet strawberry treat.
I left him alone. One strawberry is hardly enough to make a pie.  

So tell me, how do you keep the rascals from eating your plants? They did the same thing with my tomatoes!

I give up on farming.
I think I'll stick to making coffee.


  1. We have no squirrels here, but the birds are very partial to strawberries. And mulberries. And beheading my tulips...

  2. It does make you wonder how the big farms do it. Much easier (and many ways cheaper) just to get some at the grocer

  3. I have a problem with squirrels ripping up my flowers and digging to bury peanut shells. I get so mad because they make such a mess and my flowers are left scattered all over the yard!! :(

  4. Yes, that is a problem. Squirrels haven't gotten into my garden, just the bird feeders. We do have rabbits though.

  5. My solution was feeding the neighbor's cat. It also worked on gopher problem.

  6. i gave up on gardening years ago. between the rabbits and the deer it was impossible to handle. at least you got a picture of your dear sweet strawberry. blinked into permanence.

  7. YOur gardening is like mine. LOL
    Love from HOT Florida....