Soggy Walk

We set out for our afternoon walk. It had been a misty rain for a couple days. Once the rain stopped, we took off out the door like a kid itching to go out and play.
It was a rather soggy walk but a nice one.

In the mist of the rain, I could not help but notice the mushrooms that seemed to be growing around the sewer lines in a few yards. You always know where a neighbors sewer line runs because the grass is always greener and sometimes mushrooms grow.


I just had to stop and take a photo. 
This looked like a Smurf village from the cartoons I remember when I was young. A few years ago we had a cluster of mushrooms in our yard and I painted each one with clolorful polka dots. It was really cute looking until the Briggs and Stratton appeared.

The wet weather will also bring out the wetland creatures. Nick took a great photo of one.
Our little 3 year old nephew is learning the different animals so we showed him this photo and asked if he knew what it was. 
Without hesitation, he says,




  1. It's always a good walk when you cross the path of a dynasaur

  2. Smart boy. I suspect the dinosaur's older relatives would recognise their kin...

  3. Cute answer!
    A soggy walk is better than no walk. : )

  4. Love that answer! My son was 6 years old when he found a real trilobite fossil.

  5. Turtles emerged during the late Jurassic, more like dino neighbor

  6. We've had a few good rains out here in West Texas, too...I've seen a couple of tiny frogs around the pool but no dinos....:)

  7. Loved your dinosaur!!

  8. Oh my gosh where did that giant turtle come from? Do you have a pond or swamp near you?