Protein Orange Pops

Here I go playing with my food again.

If you know me, then you know I lost 50lbs on Nutrisystem. Also if you know me, your probably tired of hearing about it. I'm just still tickled to pieces that I found a diet that worked for me. 

Its been 2 years and 6 months since I joined Nutrisystem. I am currently on the maintenance plan and have been able to hold on to my weight loss for over a year now. I eat a lot of my own foods but still have a Nutrisystem meal or snack regularly. 

I like to play around and experiment with the foods. You can find some of my other ideas here.

Yesterday was the first day of summer. What better way to cool off than to have some popsicles? Right?
I was drinking a Nutrisystem Turbo shake after my afternoon walk. This time I added an orange. It was so good. I think this is my new favorite. That's when the idea hit me.
"Why not put those cheap-o, throw away, no good popsicle molds I had stashed away, and make some creamsicles?".



Delicious! And since one serving makes several popsicles, you can just eat them all without guilt. Yea, go ahead, eat all of them you wish and it still only counts as a Power fuel + smart carb (with the orange). 

  • Prepare the shake as directed.
  • Add a peeled orange.
  • Mix in blender until smoothly blended.
  • Sip a little, yum. Add to molds. Now lick the jar.
  • Add a little orange zest before freezing for an extra flavor boost.
These popsicles taste smooth and creamy. 

If you want the real deal. Try Nutrisystem's frozen orange creamsicle found at They are the best! 
Oh and while your there, check out the success stories page and see my success story along with many others! 



  1. Since it worked so well you should be able to tell us all about it, the creamsicles sound really good.

  2. Yumm! These look fantastic Lisa. I am so glad you like the wine fountain. My husband is pretty handy.

  3. I love your before and after story - you rock, Lisa!!! I did the same but with weight watchers. It's still my go-to when I want to drop a few lbs!

  4. Yum is right and good for us too

  5. Ahhhh, you reminded me of my childhood favorite, the orange vanila push up! Or just the orange double popcycle that was not smooth though.
    You are very imaginative.

  6. i say whatever works for you. these look yummy.

  7. Sounds super yummy and refreshing! Thanks for sharing with SYC.