Crochet Sunglass Case

Im writing this post from my happy place. The beach. Whoo ! Finally! I know its only been three weeks since my last visit here but as soon as I get home, get unpacked, and get everything washed, I get anxious for the next trip and it can never come soon enough. This will be our last visit here until the big week vacation in August.

I like having sunglasses to wear when Im at the beach and sometimes while driving. 
Im bad about just throwing my sunglass into my purse, consol or beach bag. The result usually ends up with them being scratched, mashed or twisted.

The other day I was trying to decide what to make with my stash of scrap yarn. Thats when this idea hit me. "Why not make a little bag or case for my shades?" So, I did.


The yarn will also keep them clean as they rest in this little draw string bag until I need them.

So here I am, on the sand and my little mirrorred glasses have been kept safe and ready to wear.
We had a cool misty day here on Thursday but its full on sunshine today. Im getting a tan on (maybe too much). Along with many others!


Now excuse me while I sit back in my chair with my shades on and watch people. Haha. 

If you crochet and want to make your own glasses case, you can find the pattern at "Goddesscrochet".
It's a free pattern and super dooper easy. 


  1. What a creative idea. A crocheted sunglasses case. On a surf board, no less! (did I go a little too far)

  2. Our friend Mary Ann, says you are the best. She says, "I crochet Afghans, but she can crochet ANYTHING, and amazes me." You amaze me also. Your work is fantastic, that is first hand. Sherry loves your work!
    Anyway enjoy the beach. From the mountains.... Love!

  3. enjoy your beach visit. the crocheted case looks nice.

  4. I love those sunglasse holders. I also love the beach but we rarely go except in winter.

  5. I always wear some when I'm outside and the sun is out except on really cloudy days. I never keep them in a case probably for that reason. I just rest them on the top of my head when I go in a place that's indoors

  6. I don't crochet but I do like that case, I wear glasses all the time, I have the transition lenses so my sunglasses are always there. Enjoy kicking back at the beach.