My Ear Update

Im being a little slow on my blogging. It will get better soon.
I've just been a little busy. Between working and fighting my ear problem, Ive been working up some crochet chemo hats for a loved one.

I'm still suffering something aweful with my ear. I have tinnitus (ring ears). I could have meniere desease. It's  more advance symptoms of tinnius, that includes vertigo, sound sensitivity and inner ear pressure. I'm feeling it all.


Im currently taking "Lipo Flavonoid" for relief, but so far it has not helped. The bottle says it can take up to 30 days to work and so far Ive been taking it for about 15 days. I don't have much faith in it.
Unfortunatly, there is no cure for Tinnitus or Meniere's Desease. There are only some relief remedies.


Since I haven't been sleeping well, it was suggested I get a white noise machine. This did help some during the night but I worried so much that it would keep Nick awake, I couldn't relax. He assures me each night that it doesn't, so I'll continue.

A friend told me last week to take two shots of whiskey before I go to bed.
Now, my daddy always told me to stay away from that stuff.  Sorry dad, I had to try it.
It didn't work so no worries on me becoming an alcoholic. Ha.

Tonight I'm gonna try some Melatonin to see if it helps me sleep. Just like the Flavonoid, its not a drug. Just natural ingredients.
I stay away from medicines unless its Allegra for allergies or Ibuprofen for Pain.

The doctors are shocked when I tell them im not on any medication. Women my age are usually on something. Not this girl. I hope to never have to rely on a drug. I'd rather drink the whisky.
Just kidding.

It's off to bed now. Hopeing for finally a good night sleep. 



  1. My tinnitus went away after the Cochlear implants. It was strange to not hear the ringing. I do smile when I hear of the 'miracle cures' for tinnitus. Of course there are 'cures' all over the place for every disease known to man.
    My tinnitus does return at times, but seldom, nice. Praying you do get some relief.
    I hear you! ;-)

  2. Sounds awful, hopefully it will clear up

  3. I hope you do find relief. I have learned to live with mine for about 40 years. The only time I hear it is when someone mentions it--like right now--thanks--or if I wake up in the middle of the night. It still rings, I have just learned to block it out. Like those who work in a boiler factory eventually become immune to the sound. White noise does help. Wishing you great luck.

  4. Oh that is too bad and hope you can find something to help it.
    I don't take any medication either and I bet I'm quite a few years older than you. : )

  5. I hope you feel better soon. I have a problem sleeping and would use the whiskey if it worked, but I think it would more or less keep me a wake. Lol.

  6. I'm sorry to hear this. My best wishes are with you.
    A positive attitude is the best medicine.

  7. I once asked my endocrinologist why I have to take so many pills. He said, "Because you have diabetes." Duh!!

  8. Jilda had issues with here inner ear and her hearing and balance specialist prescribed a diuretic. It seems part of the inner fills with fluid and that can cause balance issues. After she started taking that med, her symptoms subsidized. Your ear problems might be totally different but it wouldn't hurt to ask your Ent.

  9. I was told years ago I had meniere's. But my problem eventually cleared up so it wasn't. I know how annoying the problem you have is and I hope you find some way to live with it.

  10. Bless your heart...ear pain is the worst. I hope you can get some relief soon...