I'm Not a Dog Hater

I was called a dog hater the other day. This kinda pissed me off actually. It was said after I refused to take home a stray pit bull. Are you kidding me? OK before you start the "pit bulls are sweet" lecture, Let me just say, I know too many incidents where a very sweet loving dog chewed someone up regardless of what kind it is. So Lets keep those comments to yourself. I'm not dog prejudice.

I have been called a dog hater by others before too.

I do not hate dogs. I love dogs. I like to watch them play, and I like to hug and pet them and when I get my hands on one, Its hard to put it down,  But I choose not to own one.

I have my reasons.

1. My daughter has a real bad allergy to pets. She can stand being around them for a few minutes but then she turns into a sneezy snot machine. If a dog licks her skin, it will break out. I have allergies to them too but not as bad. I just feel like bugs are crawling all over me after I play with one.

2. I do not want the responsibility of finding someone to care for it when I go on a trip. I like my husband and me time alone.

3. Vet bills. Yes these can get expensive and I can't even afford my own doctor bills much less a pet.

4. They smell. I do not care how clean you say your pet is, they stink.

5. They die, then your heart broken. Face it. They do not live as long as humans. It happens.

Does this make me a pet hater? Why would I be labeled this?

Maybe its the look on my face when I see a pet owners dog slobber on their chair. Or that a dog licks itself then gives them a big snoopy kiss on the face. Yuk!

Because I do not like the way they smell and the allergic reaction my daughter has to them, I wish not to sit beside one at a restaurant. If I move, people will call me a dog hater and I'm shamed!!!! This bothers me too.
They do not get it. Is it really becoming a dog world?

I saw a dog in a grocery cart at Walmart the other day. Eeeesh. Though this grosses me out, I can't say anything or I'd be called a dog hater and shamed once again. But I really do not want my food packages to sit where I dog has been.

Sadly, this cartoon is how a lot of people feel. Its ridiculous.

At a family dinner, my family knows the reaction my daughter has with pets, and they still will bring their dogs to dinner. Then they hold them at the table, play with them and then handle the food!!!!!!! They also stink and I really do not want to smell it at the dinner table. No one notices the problem here since they all have a pet. They are used to it. My family of three are not even respected a little on this issue. I'm pretty sure all the act is on purpose.

I'm out numbered and can't say anything. Besides, its not my home. I have to just grit my teeth and hope for the dinner to end quickly and hope my sister doesn't start squeeking that toy! over and over and over.

Do I sound like a dog hater????
I grew up with a dog. But it was treated like a dog. It was loved, petted, talked to, played with and spoiled rotten but it was not treated like a child. It did not get to sit in the chair at the table or the front seat of the car. It did not wear a tutu or pajamas or get to go shopping with me.

Maybe I'm just being an old fart. But I'm not a dog hater.

For the record: 
If I had a pet dog , I would want a Boxer. Those are my favorite.
If I had a cat, I would want a Blue Scottish Fold. I love those!
I also like guinea pigs, and always wanted one of those too.
Sadly my situations prevent me from either.


  1. I wish pit bulls would be mandated to be fixed to wean out the breed. They can be sweet, my inlaws had the biggest crybaby (and gentle) pitbull, but they attract too many bad owners who abuse them. Except when they go wild, they have much more powerful jaws

  2. Wean out the breed! Adam, you're an ass. Totally.

    I can't imagine missing all the laughs all of my pups have given me over the years.

    And they're only dirty if you don't care for them. I've seen a lot of people I'd not invite home. Say that about fewer dogs.

  3. You don't strike me as a dog hater. My lifestyle is not conducive to pets. I enjoy my neighbors' pets.

    1. Me too. I give my neighbors dog more attention than they do.

  4. You are NOT a dog hater!!

    1. Thank you! I like ducks too.....and fish

  5. Your lifestyle is not conducive to having a pet. it does not mean you hate them.

  6. It is your life and your choice. And your daughter's and your health issues mean that your decision should be respected.

  7. I cannot imagine calling anyone a dog hater. Most folk do love dogs. I do. No we do not have one. I have plenty of grand dogs. Dogs are not part of the family, but they are loved. I loved my dog as a kid. We chose to not own a dog. I do not care for any pet in the store nor restaurant. In our travels I see so many folk whose dog is not leashed, where it is required. I see the attitude, "I do not have to obey any leash rules, my dog is trained." Then the dog takes off after a dog that someone is walking on a leash. I have seen it too many times. And yes I am a dog lover. I believe many folk are calmed by their dog, but I know some who claim the dog is needed but only when they decide. I know this because it is family. "I don't pick up dog $h-t," I have heard it said when the rules are clean up after your pet.

    Anyway NO! refusing to carry, drive, transport any dog and ESPECIALLY a PIT is not a dog hater, but a wise person.
    GOOD post

  8. And beside I think Adam had a great point. There are many dogs to fill the 'Dog loving bill' without one that has actually been known to kill their owners. BUT remember that is my opinion, and everyone has an opinion, even Adam!

  9. Our next door neighbor here in Florida has a beautiful Boxer named Jewels, love that dog. Talk to here every day

    Sorry for taking up your paper! ;-)

    1. I love comments! I dont care how many! I smile at everyone I read. Thank you for always checking in on me Jack!

  10. Yiure a smart, well thought out, logical woman! If only everyone thought like you before committing years to a dog. And researching the best breed. By the way, boxer farts are the worst! Lol Our GSP & boxer have a nice cozy bed in our garage, in a double crate (like a tunnel) & the only time their in the house really is to escort them to the back yard. Hehe.. and the dirt they track in is enough to not want them in full time so I hear ya. They can be a handful. As much as they are needy, I'm thankful for the hugs and the faithfulness. On your worst day, they still love you and make you feel loved. 😊❤️