Lunch With A Friend

It's been a long time since I had a lunch date with my friend E. We met years ago at dance class and she is also the sister of my primary doctor and worked in his office. We would often speak when I made a visit there.

We decided it's time we meet up again. We usually meet for dinner after work but she currently has another job that allows her to take an hour lunch and is not located to far from my office. So we agreed to do lunch this time.

We met halfway at a restaurant called Dino's in Bessemer City. It's a little Italian place tucked alone off the hwy. This was my first time visiting.

I'm really wanting to stay on my healthy eating plan this week as I'm still trying to shed a couple pounds I gained the past couple months.

I may or may not have just blown it again.

The items on the menu looked delicious, but since I'm not used to eating a big lunch, I chose just to have the Ruben sandwich. It was served open face with a side of home fries. As the waitress put our plates on the table, our eyes grew large as theses sandwiches were made for a giant. The waitress suggested we take a picture of them. Of course I will. I'm a blogger!!!

I ended up only eating half. I took the other half home for my husband to enjoy later.


The sandwich was delicious and I had a hard time skipping those home fries. I love any kind of fries! I managed to only eat a couple and leave the rest alone.

My friend E had the Roast Beef Club with french fries.

She talked about how good it was. She said it had lots of horseradish sauce on it which she liked, but again, it was way to much food and she ended up taking half of hers home as well.

I really needed this time with a girl friend. I work all day, every day around nothing but men.
Its nice to have a female to talk to. We had a lot of catching up and girl gossip to do. We had a great time and suggested we do this again. The only problem is we didn't have enough chat time as we both had to head back to work.


  1. They are HUGE sandwiches. Not suprised you had to take some home.
    And isn't it lovely to meet up with another woman from time to time.

  2. There is just something about lunch/dinner time with a girl friend, isn't there? I don't do it nearly often enough. It is so easy to just let those moments slip by without making a commitment to meet.
    HUGE sandwiches. lol A meal for now and later for sure. Have a great afternoon. xo Diana

  3. I'm coming right over. I'll even pay for the fixings.

  4. Ah yes, ladies lunch out. I have heard a lot about those from my sweetie. The planning starts usually about 9:30 am in the office of the ladies. Yours was planned well. Dino's sounds like a nice place we may try it on our trip back up to NC. Sounds like a great time. Good for you!

  5. it's nice to have a friend to unwind with. my bestie lives far away so we skype. lunch out sounds like a heavenly distraction. glad you enjoyed yourself.

  6. I tried your 3-2-1 cake (posted 2/20/17). It was simple & delicious!!

    1. Thanks for letting me know how you liked it. They can be addicting.

  7. I LOVE Rueben sandwiches! Whenever we go somewhere that makes them, It's usually my first choice.

  8. Always nice to have lunch with a friend. I always have to take half home when we eat out too. They give you way too much food. But then it's good you get to have another meal at home too.
    I love Rueben sandwiches and this one looks delicious as does the roast beef one.