Lovely Linens

Then other day I had sat down to my dinner after a long day of work. My husband sitting across from me with fork in hand ready to dig into his dinner as well.

He asked me about my day, I ask him about his. Just the normal table talk. Then I glanced over to a chair next to me and there sat a box of vintage linens! My eyes widened. "What?, oh my gosh! Where did you find these!". I said with excitement. He just smiled and said, "They are yours to do what you want with them. Use them, sell them, put them away, just whatever".


If you follow my blog, you have heard me mention before how I love vintage linens along with Pyrex and Fire King dishes. With the linens, its mainly the tea towels I adore but I love it all. Something about the waxy yet soft feel of the cotton and the simplicity and character they display.


I think I swallowed my food whole before grabbing the box of goodies. The rest of the evening, I spent playing with them like a little girl in a mess of doll clothes. 
I examined each piece and tossed them in the washer.


The next day (or two), I ironed and sorted them by color, and texture. Then sorted them by size and later sorted out the ones that were too damaged by age.


Though I love these pretties, I have no use for them. I took out the tea towels and table cloths to keep for myself and put the other pieces in my Etsy shop so they can find a new home. If they do not sell, I'm ok with it. Its just something about having them around I don't mind.

Its just an obsession, but not necessarily a collection.
If you would like to purchase any of these linens, just visit my shop by clicking HERE or on the tab at the top of my page.

What are some old things you always got an eye for? 


  1. My NANA had a hope chest full of linens like yours. They are wonderful keepsakes to the past.

  2. I am always awed at the work (and workmanship) which went into them. They last so much better than anything I can buy now too.

  3. You lucky have a husband looking out for your loves. I love Pyrex and Fire King, too. I don't really have a collection, though.....just a few favorite pieces.

  4. There aren't many vintage things I have eyes on. I do like finding some of my old stuff from many moons ago

  5. I found this whole thing touchingly sentimental. Thank you

  6. For me it is dishes and linens! I love that your hubby found them for you. He's a keeper! Hope you enjoy every piece you keep. xo Diana

  7. Trying to catch up. We are chasing a cell signal, it is here some time and gone most. I love to read someone report a sweet surprise. That is neat.

    I love it when someone gives me a box of bolts washers and other hardware junk. But I could never describe my stuff as well ans you!Loved the visit. Have a good weekend!

  8. Dishes and linens for me, since I do so many tablescapes. Happy Sunday.

  9. I love so many things, Lisa...especially little tiny vintage creamers.