Nutrisystem Cookies n Cream Mug Cake

Have you noticed I like to play and experiment with foods? Most of the time its Nutrisystem foods. I've been on Nutrisystem now for two years and three months. I lost all my weight within eight months on the program but I continue eating the foods to maintain my weight. I also eat a lot of my own foods too. I've learned how to eat healthy throughout the program. I'm still so pleased with the results I got with Nutrisystem, I simply can't let it go. 


I admit, the Nutrisystem cookie sandwiches are not my favorite ( neither are Oreos) but I ordered some again anyway. This time I didn't dip them in milk....I mixed them in milk and with a couple other teaspoons of this and that, I made a cookies n cream mug cake. It was a fun new way to enjoy a dessert that normally I would not like. 


It was easy to make and only took about 5 minutes from start to finish. Add another 10 minutes trying to take a perfect photo. Ha!
If your not on Nutrisystem, use Oreos or something. Im sure it will be just as good.
I chose to keep it healthy. It turned out a little dry but good. 


 Nutrisystem Cookies n Cream Mug cake

4 Tablespoons- All purpose Flour
1/4 teaspoon- baking Powder
1/4 cup- mini chocolate chips (this is your sugar)
4 tablespoons- milk (I used 2%)
1/2 tablespoon - vegestable oil
2 cookies 

In a mug or remkin, melt chocolate chips and milk together in microwave. 
Add remaining ingredients. 
Mix until smooth.
Fold in crushed cookies.
Microwave for 1 minute.

Im not sure what the Nutrisystem count is for this recipe, but I think its a dessert and one smart carb. 


  1. I am so glad I am not tempted by desserts. My Sherry loves sweet stuff (me) and Chocolate + chocolate+some chocolate. HA!
    Yes I enjoy reading your experiments with food, 'tis fun!
    ENJOY (Love the truth about the perfect photo!)

    1. I love sweets but I'd take a slice of bread over a cookie any day. I'm not a big candy eater though.

  2. I'd noticed in the past that Slim Fast & a few other well known weight loss names add sugar to the ingredients of many of their products that are not even treats. Having come from a family where diabetes is prevalent I've always kept it a bit lower carb(though not truly low). Does Nutrisystem add sugars as well?
    I do once in a while eat a Quest cookies & cream protein bar which is low carb & very good.

    1. Yes Nutrisystem has sugar but they do have a specialy designed diabetic plan. Yes slim fast is terrible with sugar.

  3. Simple enough. Thanks. (thanks also for the possibilities)

  4. Not a big oreo or chocolate fan. But this looks simple and yummy if i were.

    1. Me either. Something about the black choclate thats bitter to me and I dont like it on my teeth.