Flourless Pancakes

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I'm a true believer that its the most important meal of the day. I never let my daughter leave the house in the mornings without a complete breakfast in all of her living at home life. Even when shes home, I'm up with the sunshine and in the kitchen preparing something for breakfast. It may be just muffins or it could be biscuits and gravy.  I love cooking breakfast.
(for the record, its been over a year since I had good ole biscuits and gravy).

If you know me, then you know I have been trying to keep my meals healthy. After two years I have finally given up the Nutrisystem breakfasts and doing my own thing. I still eat Nutrisystem for lunch and dinner but I throw in a lot of my own meals now. Ive learned how to control my calorie and carb intakes though I will probably always have Nutrisystem meals in my reach.

Back to breakfast.

This morning I noticed a very ripe banana sitting on the counter and instead of throwing it away, I decided to make some flourless pancakes with it. These look more like crepes actually.


You may have seen this healthy alternative to pancakes all over the internet. These are pretty good but they are no comparison to the delicious Aunt Jemima Pancakes that I love, But, hey, I didn't want the banana to go to waste.

Flourless Pancakes

1- Ripe Banana
1- Teaspoon baking powder
2- Eggs (I used egg beaters)
Pinch of cinnamon
Drop of vanilla

Mix together and pour batter into pan.
Flip when you see the tops begin to bubble.

I topped mine with spray butter (zero calories) and sugar free syrup.

Makes three.
Approx 160 calories.
(OK the Aunt Jamima Pancakes actually have less calories but this flourless option is probably more healthy).


Little facts to mention:

Pancakes:  Made from eggs, buttermilk and flour. Usually thin. topping on top.
Flapjacks: Made from sugar, butter and oats. Usually thicker and sweeter. toppings on top.
Crepes: Made from milk and eggs and wheat flour. Usually made very thin and rolled around toppings.

My Nutrisystem journey can be found here.


  1. I was suspecting bananas were in it and yep I was right.

  2. Great job for a healthy pancake alternative. I won't tell you that biscuits and chocolate gravy (which BJ LOVES) is a special treat around here. Good for you for doing the Nutri-System thing. That is not easy to adjust to and thee fact that you have done it for so long says something about you! xo Diana

  3. Your journey with Healthy Eating and lifestyle really impresses me. It is not an easy path but You are a Bright Beautiful Star. Thanks for sharing your recipes. - Mary

  4. I'm still learning all the things I can put on pancakes...
    Now, flourless pancakes!?

  5. I love breakfast too. Often we have shakes that Jilda makes with our Vita-mix. They will have yogurt, coconut milk, apples, bananas, blueberries, and any other fruit we have at hand. They are always scrumptious.
    But it's hard to beat biscuits and gravy.

    1. Has Jilda ever made a biscuit & gravy shake?

  6. My sons say most folk do not believe that Sherry fixed breakfast EVERY morning of their lives at home, but like you , she did. Love the pictures, looks good. Glad to hear someone who just cannot see fruit go to waste. LOL

  7. I meant to say thanks for the facts. Crepes have always been question to me.

  8. Looks good and pancakes are my favorite breakfast. I like Bisquick ones best.