Camper Fever

I've been wanting a little retro vintage style camper of my own. I think about how fun it would be to have one in the back corner of my yard. A little "she shed".
It would have lights around the owning and a cute outdoor set up to sit under and relax during the summer evenings. It would be fun to camp out in it with my husband or take an afternoon nap.


Sadly, my neighbors would have a fit seeing a camper in the yard. Its not the style they want to see when they look out of the windows or when people visit the neighborhood. 

Maybe one day I will live in an area where I can have one to play with, who knows.

I think it would be fun to piddle and decorate one.   
While I like the vintage colors on the insides 


I also like the beach cottage feel with lots of rustic whites.

This is my inspiration.


It would be fun to take one around to camping shows too. But there are other things in life we could use instead. This will be put off for a long time.

The tiny houses???? I won't get started on that. I love those too!!!

Wake me up!!!

Meanwhile, I have a lot of scrap yarn and didnt know what to make with it. I was just about ready to throw it away when I got the idea to make some cute little camper key chains. Im gonna put them in my shop and see how it goes. They are fun to make and I smiled at each one I finish.


Are they not just the cutest thing ever? If you would like one of these little cuties, just swing on over to my Etsy shop and purchase one. I will have some more colors available soon. Spring is on its way so I will not be making many toboggans and blankets for a while.


  1. love the keychains. they are cute, indeed. a she-shed is just what i need here too.

  2. ME TOO!!! I have always wanted a vintage trailer in my backyard to play with!! I do have a playhouse but it is just not the same. There is just something so wonderfully nostalgic about those old homes, isn't there?
    Those little trailer key chains are the cutest thing ever.
    I hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  3. I like those vintage campers, too. I wanted one for awhile, but don't have much need for one now. The keychains are cute!!

  4. Oh, a gal after my own heart. I, too love glammed vintage trailers. I have to admit I have spent hours looking at them on the web. Some real cuties out there aren't there. I had a picture of one on my refrigerator for a long time. A gal can dream, right? And, your key rings are as "cute as a bugs ear". You sure are clever working without patterns. - Mary

  5. I do enjoy seeing the older RV's restored and used as we move from place to place. WE had a beautiful little Tear Drop trailer in the last park.
    Love the crocheted travel trailers. Neat!

  6. Oh yes, I love those retro campers too and also the tiny houses. All so cute!!

  7. I also dream of someday having a retro camper - love, love, love!! Those keychains are super cute, you are so talented, Lisa!!

  8. I guess you live in a subdivision?

    My neighbors can't do anything to me. Though there isn't much flat land in my yard so a camper sounds neat but impractical for me.

  9. Dream on... Maybe one day your dream will come true.

  10. I've been wanting one for ages...this type camper is hard to come by and if you find one in half way decent shape, they cost a bundle...I want that one with the stripped awning...sooo cute.
    and I love your little key chains...

  11. We have 12 acres here and we could have a rocket ship in our backyard and the neighbors could care less.

    My niece bought a vintage trailer a few years ago and she's creative like you. Her's (and her husband's) trailer is beautiful. They traveled across the country pulling it last year. The pictures of their journey were incredible.